Accounting Job Vacancyin Ethiopia

Accounting Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

Work Base: Debatie, Metekel Zone, Bgrs, Benishangul Gumuze

Availability: Whenever it’s feasible

Payscale: by the pay scale of the organization

Contract term: six months, with the option of an extension

Female applicants are particularly encouraged to apply for this role.

Concerning Premier Urgency International Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) is an international assistance organization that is non-profit, non-governmental, non-political, and non-religious. Our teams are dedicated to providing for the basic needs of citizens who have been marginalized and excluded, or affected by natural catastrophes, armed conflicts, and economic failures. Our goal is to give urgent support to those who have been uprooted to aid them in regaining their dignity and independence.

PUI specializes in ten intervention areas and sets itself apart by using an integrated approach to its response. This approach seeks to recognize and comprehend the needs of everyone impacted by a catastrophe. Our teams unite to provide a swift, worldwide response to the essential requirements of communities impacted by humanitarian emergencies, assisting them in reclaiming their autonomy and dignity.

PUI in Ethiopia: Despite not being actively operating in Ethiopia, PUI has long-standing ties to the area of East Africa, notably in Sudan and South Sudan.

Following the conflict in north Ethiopia, which broke out in 2020, and news of the ongoing drought, which is affecting millions of people’s lives and livelihoods across Ethiopia, PUI decided to do its part to help with the humanitarian needs brought on by both man-made and natural disasters. To be able to function lawfully in the nation, PUI has been registered with the FDRE Authority for Civil Society Organisation (ACSO) since June 22, 2022. Since then, PUI has conducted needs assessments in various parts of the nation to determine gaps and determine where to focus its efforts for the best outcomes. As a result of some of these evaluations, PUI has chosen to carry out its first project in the Afar area, where the current drought and the effects of the previous violence have had a considerable impact on the local people.

PUI is also actively seeking new partners to help it react to the humanitarian needs in other parts of the nation that have been devastated by natural catastrophes and armed conflict.

General Tasks / Purpose of the Position:

The base office’s administrative and financial activities will be supported by the administrative and financial officer.  S/He will be in charge of the Base Office’s overall finances and cash management. Management and monitoring of monthly spending about the budget, as well as coordination with logistics to guarantee efficient completion and management of PUI resources, are additional duties.

The administration and finance officer is also in charge of supporting and carrying out the Base Office’s overall human resource management, including but not limited to management and monitoring, and following up on the implementation of human resource producers, rules, and regulations from hiring to firing. facilitate information while managing the Base office’s tasks related to Reception and Personnel Administration.

tasks and obligations

Financial Administration                                 

1. Follow up on the treasury and cash

• To handle the petty cash by doing a daily physical inventory of the safe and the petty cash and reporting any differences to superiors

• To periodically withdraw money from the bank to ensure that there is enough cash on hand to prepare and monitor payments and advances by set rules.

To prepare and verify any checks performed at the foundational level; To translate all invoices into another language; To keep track of contract payment due dates; To ensure the confidentiality of the information and the security of the money;

2. Cash card management: • Verify the MoUs the program team sent you and make sure all the necessary documentation is available.

• To register the beneficiaries’ details in the cash card database before submitting any requests for card issue to Coordination.

Before submitting any payment requests to the coordinator, the beneficiaries’ information must be registered in the cash card database. Additionally, any MoUs relating to the beneficiaries must be properly archived.

• To ensure that all supporting papers are signed, and to be in charge of obtaining the cash cards from the bank and presenting them to the project manager.

3. Finance & Accounting management • To confirm that the invoices comply with PU-AMI standards and procedures before recording any entry.

• To accurately enter all required data (date, accounting code, project, budget code, etc.) and enter all costs into the Excel book each day.

• To take part in the base-level aggregation of budget follow-ups and cash predictions.

• assist the administrative manager in creating fresh proposals.

• To develop, assemble, and transmit to the Admin Manager the base’s weekly financial estimate for approval.

• To oversee the basis accounts, monthly closure, and revision.

• To issue vouchers and, by the laws and regulations of the donors, to appropriately store the invoices and Saga vouchers in designated files.

• To compile all VAT-inclusive invoices and provide a quarterly report.

After each month, you should prepare the bank reconciliation and the cheque payment.

• To verify and be in charge of overseeing any programme payments (cash for rent, cash for labour, money for minor rehabilitation, etc.).

• To be in charge of putting together the base’s yearly closure documentation.

Human Resource Management

1. Personnel Recruitment and Integration:

• Assist in publishing job openings at the entry-level; • Assist, as needed, in receiving, filing, and transferring resumes received on the recruitment email address and transferring them to recruiters; • Participate in recruitment processes as needed (such as shortlisting, communicating with candidates, interviewing, reference checking, preparing recruitment analysis table, and sh

 2. Contractual Documents for Employment:

Prepare contracts, amendments and agreements for local employees, and make sure they are aware of the terms and conditions of those documents. Support, as needed, in making sure HR files are complete and up to date with all necessary contractual documents. Keep track of when contracts and agreements expire and alert the line manager. Support in preparing documents related to the termination of an employment contract in accordance with HR guidelines.

 3. Follow-up and administrative management

• Support, if required, in preparing and following up on pertinent tool(s) (such as attendance sheets, leave requests, order of missions, etc.); • Support, if required, in keeping track of the personnel leaves and updating relevant tool(s) and system(s) accordingly; • Support, if required, in gathering, conforming, and archiving timesheets (signed PDF, excel).

• Support, if required, in organising and ensuring the availability of all necessary personal and contractual documents in the relevant files; • Support, if needed, in maintaining and ensuring the completion and archival of all supporting documents/tools of the recruitment processes in accordance with Recruitment Guidelines.

 4. Making payroll preparations  

the preparation of salary advance(s), monthly salaries, end-of-accounts, perdiems, and any exceptional payment(s) for local staff, as applicable, on the relevant tools and systems; the preparation of expatriates’ per diems at the beginning of each month and security envelopes, as necessary; support in the calculation and payment of Pension and income taxes to the concerned inland revenue outho;

• Examine and provide appropriate parties files and personnel request(s).

Position Requirements

Minimum of 4 years of experience, of which 2 years were spent working for an INGO engaged in similar operations; and a BA in Accounting and Finance or Business Administration

Required Competencies & Skills

Strong commitment to humanitarian principles, ability to work independently while taking initiative and demonstrating responsibility, ability to work under pressure, ability to prioritise a heavy workload, and ability to organise and manage priorities, as well as good analytical, rational, and logical skills, problem-solving abilities, and excellent communication skills.




If you are interested, send your application, which should include a non-returnable CV, a cover letter with the topic “Admin. & Finance Officer – Benishangul Gumuze _ Debatie, Metekel Zone, BGRS,” and three references, to the addresses listed below:


To apply for this job email your details to

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