Driver Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023

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Driver Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023

Position Description

The objective of GOAL is to engage with the most disadvantaged communities to aid them in responding to and recovering from humanitarian disasters, as well as in developing transcendent solutions to alleviate poverty and vulnerability.

A non-profit organization called GOAL has been operating in Ethiopia for more than 30 years to ensure that the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people, as well as those affected by humanitarian crises, have access to the necessities of life, such as a decent place to live, food and a means of subsistence, clean water and toilets, nutrition, healthcare, and education. By paying attention to problems that span across many sectors, such as gender, responsibility, child protection, and HIV/AIDS, GOAL executes a variety of multi-sectoral development, resilience, recovery, and humanitarian response activities. We now work together with local communities, local government, funders, and other important players to react to humanitarian crises and develop resilience in Ethiopia with pastoralists, agro-pastoral, pastoral dropouts, rural smallholder farmers, rural/urban adolescents, and street children. The Oromiya regional state’s recovery and development are heavily focused on livelihoods, economic opportunities, health, the strengthening of the health and nutrition systems, and WASH with a strong emphasis on integrated programming and community-based approaches. GOAL E Humanitarian Response is centered on nutrition, WASH, livelihoods, multipurpose cash, NFIs, and protection interventions throughout the country. In Addis Abeba and Hawassa, the Street Children initiative is run in conjunction with local partners.

In our ideal society, vulnerable communities are resilient, there are no longer any obstacles to wellness, and everyone has access to the same opportunities and rights. The major private contributors to Ethiopia are Irish Aid, USAID/OFDA, EHF, and ECHO.

The Driver will be in charge of driving GOAL Ethiopia vehicles to program workers both within and outside the program area as needed. The Driver is in charge of maintaining the cleanliness of the allocated vehicle, driving safely by GOAL Ethiopia’s driving policy documents, and treating passengers with respect. He or she is also required to follow the organization’s one car, one driver policy.


1, Vehicle Administration

  • Drive within the speed restrictions allowed by law.
  • Respect pedestrians, obey all traffic regulations, and maintain the condition of the road.
  • When driving, always buckle up, and make sure all passengers do the same.
  • Driving carefully will prevent you from damaging the engine or bodywork of the automobile.
  • Always keep everything neat and wash the cars.

2,  Use less fuel when driving.

  •  After each day, completely refuel the car. When you fill the car with petrol, complete any paperwork or fuel coupons
  • Perform a daily vehicle inspection at the beginning and conclusion of each day, and note the mileage in the vehicle’s log book.
  • Keep your car spotless both inside and out.
  • Before leaving on a lengthy journey, request that the logistics officer or assistant examine the car
  • Check the emergency kit and fuel levels according to the VLB before each trip.
  • Any vehicle defects should be reported to the logistics officer or assistant so that he may arrange for repair and update the vehicle logbook.

3,  Communication & Security

  • Consider your route, where you’ll spend the night, and if you want to drive beyond 8:00 PM.
  • Make sure the vehicle has a spare tire, a Highjack lift, and at least two acceptable and dependable communication methods on all journeys.
  • Establish a reporting schedule with the assistant or logistics officer.
  • Work as many hours as are needed for the trip, but avoid driving at night (after 6 pm) unless necessary or with the area coordinator’s permission.
  • Keep a journey journal and record the miles traveled and the location of each day’s fuel stops and at night.
  • By using a cell phone, provide frequent progress updates.
  • Report any incidents—security-related or not—after your trip (or, if they were significant, while you were there).
  • No unauthorized guests may ride in the car without the CD’s or ACD’s consent. Before you leave, make sure the Non-Liability Document is signed by the approved passenger.
  •  Always ensure the passengers’ safety by driving carefully.
  • When approaching checkpoints, go slowly and switch off your radio.  Turn on your inside lights if you’re traveling at night.


4, Financial Provide complete rationale (receipts) for float spending and return balance to Logistics Officer/Assistant.



Inform the line manager or area coordinator as soon as possible about any accident, including its type, any wounded people, any vehicle damage, and any other crucial details (such as the location and time). Fill out the Accident Report completely for every accident with the Line Manager.

  • All-purpose / Administrative
  • Record all journeys in the daily vehicle movement record book or the blackboard movement schedule.
  • according to the Vehicle Check List, do a vehicle inventory check.
  • Vehicles must be brought back to the GOAL complex after the excursion by the driving deadline.
  •  keep your licensing up to date.
  • Any time a leave request is made, inform the logistics officer or assistant at least two weeks in advance.
  • Comply with the GOAL Driver Policy’s Rules and Procedures.
  • Always keep GOAL’s reputation in mind.
  • No using drugs or alcohol during working hours, and no reporting for duty while under the influence.  No alcohol was consumed in the eight hours before reporting for duty.
  • accountable for completing timesheets and getting approval in advance for overtime.
  • Fill up the journal on each trip. ensuring that the team leader signs for every travel each day

Goods Transportation

  • Sign the delivery docket and packing list for the items being carried.
  • Obtain the consignee’s signature on the packing list and delivery dockets to prove receipt.
  • Give the storekeeper, logistics officer, or assistant the signed packing lists and delivery dockets when you get back.
  • Maintain correct records on the movement of vehicles and the delivery of supplies by working together with the guards.

Other Tasks

Cooperate with all GOAL team members and establish positive working relationships with all employees. Always do tasks responsibly and behave professionally.

If there are any issues, let the logistics officer or assistant know.

carry out any additional tasks that are given.

Position Requirements

Qualification: A driver/mechanic certificate

3 years of driving experience with an NGO

  • basic mechanical expertise
  • Experience in staff management and strong interpersonal skills
  • Having a valid driver’s license for the appropriate class of vehicles
  • driving experience on a 4×4.
  • understanding how to operate a winch
  • capacity to work flexibly, including weekends, desire to travel and operate in rural regions, and capacity to camp in the field and live in simple conditions
  • conditions.
  • understanding the nature of the program, being open to travel and living in the field
  • Very excellent understanding and application of driving, road transport, and traffic regulations for both the nation and the organization.
  • Team-oriented and adaptable, eager to take the lead when necessary.
  • Desirable qualities, abilities, and competence include being meticulous, organized, trustworthy, vigilant, motivated, hardworking, and accountable.
  • excellent mastery of the English language.
  • speaks the language of the region.

origins or acquaintance with the area.receptivity Commitments:

Fairness and transparency are hallmarks of GOAL’s hiring process, which is also consistent with the company’s dedication to its values of integrity, honesty, and culture. The goal is dedicated to making sure that every performance it does conforms with all relevant agreements’ terms and conditions as well as all applicable laws and regulations. As a result, pre-employment background checks will be carried out, and employees will be required to read, understand, sign, and abide by several policies, including those about child protection, sexual harassment, protection from sexual exploitation and abuse, and safe guarding of minors. GOAL is steadfastly devoted to treating the individuals under its care with respect.

How to Apply Online


  • For one position, interested and eligible candidates must submit their non-returnable application and CV ONLY ONCE.
  • The candidates must submit their cover letter and resume through
  • Female applicants are highly encouraged to apply by GOAL!
  • Only those who have been short-listed will be called for an interview and test.
  • Candidates who make the shortlist will thereafter be required to provide additional supporting materials upon request.
  • GOAL is unable to cover any expenses that applicants may incur throughout the hiring process.


To apply for this job please visit

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