Finance Manager Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023

Finance Manager Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023

Position Description

Regarding Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is a well-known international organisation that operates on the premise that a better world is conceivable. We collaborate to put daring ideas into action in more than 40 countries throughout the globe during times of tragedy and difficulty, assisting individuals in overcoming adversity and fortifying their communities from within. the present and the future.

Since 2004 Mercy Corps has been doing business in Ethiopia. Mercy Corps Ethiopia has provided interventions to more than five million Ethiopians in order to save lives and create stable livelihoods in collaboration with civil society organisations, academic institutions, the commercial sector, and the government. Our initiatives place a focus on market-driven solutions, strengthen social relationships, and assist localities in becoming more resilient to the effects of climate change. Mercy Corps Ethiopia is currently operating in six regional states: Afar, Amhara, Gambella, Oromia, Somali, and South Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region (SNNPR), as well as in Dire Dawa Administration and Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia. The organisation is driven by the mission of helping a peaceful, resilient, and prosperous Ethiopia emerge that includes women and young people. Our strategic objectives are to advance inclusive and vibrant markets, foster social cohesion and peace through enhancing formal and informal governance institutions and public participation, enhance natural resource governance, and integrate humanitarian assistance.

Title of Position: Finance Manager

Workplace: Addis Abeba

Position Available: 1

General Position Description

All financial operations, such as accounting, payments and banking, payroll, budgeting, financial reporting, grant financial management, and compliance, are handled by the Mercy Corps Finance Department.  The Mercy Corps Finance Department makes ensuring that internal standards and procedures are followed in addition to donor requirements.  In order to guarantee that finances and resources related to finance are used effectively and efficiently, the Finance Department supports the Programme Department by delivering timely reports and assistance to the Country Director and the Programme team.

The Finance Manager will be in charge of the regular day-to-day duties of the Finance Manager function as well as monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting while working in the Finance unit and reporting to the Finance Director. For all parties concerned, he is required to generate timely, accurate, and dependable financial reports. In a senior management position, the postholder should be forward-thinking, self-driven, and able to function with little supervision.  The position holder should also be forward-looking, change-oriented, and able to build or train the team’s capability in the changing environment in light of the numerous anticipated systemic changes in the future.

20% of this job’s travel time will be spent at project locations that are both directly controlled by Mercy Corps and by subgrantees. 1) Capacity Building 2) Compliance and Monitoring (of an internal audit character) of donor rules as well as MC internal policies and procedures are the two major goals of the trip.

The Most Important Duties


I.  Compliance Review: 40% of the Time

II. Budgeting and Financial Accounting (30% of Time)

3. Management of Subgrantees (30% of Time)

I. Compliance Checking (for 40% of the Time)

• Assist the Finance Director in making sure that we have built a systematic monitoring tool called “Compliance Checklist” per donor/per grant and that we promptly distribute this to all budget holders and sub grantees engaged for all donor financed projects.

• Work with the Finance Director to make sure that all newly hired budget holders have received sufficient training on donor compliance issues as well as Mercy Corps’ internal policies and procedures. Additionally, plan regular refresher training for the current workforce.

• Ensure that all grant files are maintained at the standard level (both physical copies and digital versions) in a well organised manner and that all necessary data is available from the shared (common) folders. Follow the minimal requirements of filing checklist created by HQ to put this into action, and then add any additional information that may be required for local usage. Make sure that the finance section maintains a single repository for all pertinent grant-related information. Make sure the project technical team is turning in all important grant-related documentation, and check with SFCS to get any information that may be missing from the grant.

• Assist the Grant and Compliance Coordinators in carrying out their duties related to donor audit by taking the lead on all donor audit activities, ensuring that all donor audit work is effectively organised.

• Conduct regular and scheduled field visits to check on the proper application of all donor and MC internal rules and procedures. Make sure that a standard visit report on observations and suggestions is produced for each field visit. Verify every quarter if these guidelines are carried out consistently.

• Ensure that all members of the support services team and budget holders are aware with Mercy Corps’ internal rules and processes, and provide a concise induction package for newcomers to the organisation.

• Check that field offices regularly follow internal audit recommendations, and make sure the Addis Ababa Finance team includes this in the visit’s terms of reference.

• Coordinate with the directors of finance and human resources to make sure that host government compliance requirements are correctly followed. In the monthly finance or support service meeting, identify any discrepancies. Make sure the compliance registration checklist is updated often.

• On demand, provide any and all compliance-related information to the regional financial officers (located in HQ in PDX and Edinburg). Work together on all local contributors’ ad hoc reporting requirements with the field finance and reporting manager in your area and the regional finance officers (located in headquarters).

• Give the RIPA financial staff the necessary assistance.

Budgeting and financial accounting (30% of time)

• Work as a team with your other finance coworkers to provide the yearly statutory audit and any additional audits pertaining to the MC Ethiopia programme your utmost assistance.

· Every month, provide the Finance Director timely and accurate management dashboard information. Moreover, carry out a monthly BVA/BVE analysis for grants where the finance manager serves as the “Account Manager.”

• Conduct a uniform and standard-level financial examination of all papers submitted for review based on the Authority Matrix. During the review process, make sure that all paperwork is duly signed by the designated budget holders, complies with donor rules and procedures, and complies with Mercy Corps’ headquarters and local practises.

• Lead the A-133 audit, make sure that data for the HQ A-133 audit is provided on schedule, and work with the Grants and Compliance Coordinators and Senior Finance Officers to extract and submit documents.

• As soon as a new proposal is created, make sure that it includes the necessary degree of cost coverage. You should also help the project technical team create the budget data. Assist the finance manager in understanding funding shortages and make sure that expenses to the business or organisation are handled effectively.

• Lead and coordinate Grant management meetings (Kickoff, Review, and Closing Meetings) with all stakeholders with the assistance of the Grant and Compliance Coordinators.

• Assist with the monthly report close with the accounting and reporting departments.

Management of Subgrantees (30% of Time)

• Ensure that we have a thorough database that details the partners we are working with, the financing source we are using, the amount of advance we have provided in both local and international currency, the balance that has been cleared, and the amount that MC owes or that partners owe to MC.

• Take the lead in selecting Sub Grantees and evaluating their capability in accordance with the practises followed by MC for Partners.

• Work in tandem with the Grant and Compliance Coordinators to make sure that each grant’s subgrant files are maintained in the Addis Abeba finance unit in accordance with the necessary standards and are useful for any future references.

• Visit the offices of the partners on a regular basis as part of a scheduled visit and create a monitoring report. Implement the localised monitoring tool for partners (subgrantees) created by the Mercy Corps Ethiopia Finance section and generate acceptable levels of information using the instrument produced.

• Make sure that any flaws discovered during the first visit are corrected during the second.

• Work together with the Grant and Compliance Coordinators to make sure that the external audit of partners is handled to the necessary level and that subgrantees and partners have responded to any audit findings on time. Follow up regularly until the audit’s conclusions are handled, and notify SMT of any problems.

• In charge of overseeing the financial close-out of subawards, including making sure that all conditions of the subaward agreement have been followed and that subaward money have been paid appropriately.

• Help the finance director teach the partners in capacity building, especially the local partners who would need significant capacity development.

• Produce a sub award card, examine and publish financial reports, and enter subaward data on Navigator.

Team Leadership

• Increase team capacity, enhance knowledge of responsibilities, and support career growth.

• Provide resources, tools, and information to team members to help them perform better and accomplish goals.

• Encourage responsibility, clarify expectations, and provide helpful criticism both officially and informally via regular one-on-one meetings and performance evaluations.

• Establish and maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect at work where team members strive for excellence.

• As required, recruit, acclimatise, and guide team members.

Representation and Persuasion

• Communicate with the representatives of the donors to provide information on the programmes as necessary.

• Take part in the exchange of best practises with governmental and non-profit organisations.

• Consistently exhibit adaptability, resiliency, and the capacity to maintain stable relationships and calm even in trying situations.

• Uphold the highest moral standards and treat everyone with decency.

• Exhibit knowledge of one’s own assets and areas for growth.


• Ensure adherence to security guidelines and rules set by the government.

• Take proactive measures to make sure team members work in a safe atmosphere and are familiar with the rules.

Enterprise Learning

We expect all team members to dedicate 5% of their time to learning activities that benefit Mercy Corps as well as themselves as part of our commitment to organisational learning and in support of our belief that learning organisations are more effective, efficient, and relevant to the communities they serve.

Accountability to Clients

• Team members of Mercy Corps are encouraged to support all initiatives aimed at accountability, in particular

While actively involving beneficiary communities as equal partners in the design, monitoring, and assessment of our field programmes, we also demonstrate our commitment to our beneficiaries and to the international norms governing international relief and development work.

Administrative Responsibilities

Grants, RIPA subawards, compliance staff, and compliance manager


Directly Reports To: The Finance Director

Works directly with the following departments: Operations Department, Programme Managers, MCG/MCE HQ Compliance, Finance Department (with responsibility for technical financial problems), and others.

Position Requirements

information and expertise

• An advanced degree is desired; a BA/S or equivalent in accounting or finance is essential.

• At least 5 years of relevant work experience, including managing complicated, multi-dimensional programming and managing minor subawards in a global setting.

• Understanding of USAID requirements and at least 4 years of grant administration experience are prerequisites.

• Proven ability to lead a team that is in charge of overseeing subrecipients, as well as shown expertise and proficiency in administering solicitations for subawards, evaluating possible subrecipients.

• Proven abilities and experience dealing with donors to get the appropriate permissions and exemptions for adherence to donor rules.

• A track record in management and excellent organisational abilities.

• Excel proficiency in MS Office programmes, which requires advanced computer abilities.

• Skillful multitasking, organisation, verbal and written communication, and setting priorities.

• Proficient English is preferable, but excellent oral and written English abilities are essential.

• the capacity to collaborate productively in a delicate setting with a multicultural workforce.


1.Must be self-assured, a self-starter, independent thinker, and possess great communication, interpersonal, and organisational abilities.

2.Excellent computer abilities, particularly with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook

3.It must be possible to operate successfully with both national and foreign staff, and you must have done so in the past.

4.High administrative standards and a desire and capacity to enforce adherence to donor and Mercy Corps regulations and procedures are crucial.

5.It is vital to have proven multitasking, deadline-meeting, and information-processing skills in order to support changing programme activities.

6.showed adequate flexibility and cultural understanding.

7.physical endurance and emotional maturity.

8.It is necessary to have expertise controlling Matrix Reporting.

9.Willing to spend 20% or more of the time travelling to Mercy Corps project locations and field offices

Continuous Learning

We encourage all team members to invest 5% of their time in learning activities that further their professional and/or personal development because we firmly believe that learning organisations are more successful, efficient, and relevant to the communities we serve.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion

How we form our team and collaborate together is the first step in completing our purpose. We are better equipped to harness the power of our teams and address the most difficult problems in the world because of our dedication to enhancing our organisation with individuals from other backgrounds, beliefs, and ways of thinking. We aspire to a culture of trust and respect where everyone shares their opinions and real selves, develops as individuals and in teams to their fullest potential, and works together to do the finest work of their life.

We are dedicated to learning, listening, and changing so that we may become more diverse, egalitarian, and inclusive than we are now. We understand that diversity and inclusion are a process.

Equal Employment Chance

Mercy Corps is an equal opportunity workplace and does not support any kind of prejudice. In order to be stronger as a group and have a long-lasting effect on the world, we deliberately seek out individuals with various backgrounds, viewpoints, and abilities.

We are dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of decency and psychological security where everyone has access to equitable work possibilities. In the places where we work, we do not discriminate against anyone based on their race, colour, gender identity, or gender expression; their religion; their age; their sexual orientation; their national or ethnic origin; their disability (including their HIV/AIDS status); their marital status; their status as a military veteran; or any other protected class.

Protection & Ethics

Mercy Corps is dedicated to ensuring that everyone we come into touch with via our work is treated with respect and dignity, whether they be team members, community members, programme participants, or someone else. We have endorsed the Interagency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme and are dedicated to the key values outlined by the UN Secretary General and IASC on the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse. The mistreatment of children, sexual exploitation, abuse, or harassment of team members is not acceptable. Team members are required to behave themselves professionally, respect local laws and traditions, and always abide by Mercy Corps’ Code of behave Policies and principles as part of our commitment to a safe and inclusive workplace. When hired and once a year, team members must complete mandated Code of Conduct eLearning courses.

How to Apply

All qualified individuals are urged to submit applications for the open job. All applications, including a CV, three references, and all pertinent government forms, must be sent online.

Only those applicants who have been shortlisted will be notified and contacted for interviews.

“Mercy Corps promotes gender, equality, and diversity and is an equal opportunity workplace. Young and qualified female applicants are especially encouraged to apply. We are devoted to empowering girls and young people.



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