Geology Job Vacancy Announcement in Ethiopia

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Geology Job Vacancy Announcement in Ethiopia

About Company 

As a Mining Engineer, you will be in charge of managing mining activities at our mine site. You will be responsible for ensuring the safe, efficient, and productive extraction of minerals while complying with environmental rules and business policy.

With continuing research and mine development in the Gambela area and Dima Woreda, southwest Ethiopia, Akobo Minerals AB (publ), a Norwegian gold exploration and mining firm, is listed on the Euronext stock market in Oslo under the ticker AKOBO. People with extensive expertise from the Norwegian oil service business and Ethiopia’s state mining sector founded the operations in 2009. A mining permit and an exploration permit are held by Akobo Minerals over significant prospects in the region. In addition to exploratory core drilling, the business has found economic mineralization and is working on mining studies to get the project closer to production.

Akobo Minerals has established Segele and Joru as its two primary exploration focal regions after 10 years of diligent effort. Both are seen as promising gold chances, yet they are quite different from one another. Segele is quite tiny and has a high concentration of gold, while Joru has a bigger area and a lesser concentration of gold. The business has so far announced very high-grade gold findings at both the principal projects Segele and Joru, including the Segele deposit with an Inferred Mineral Resource of 7878 tonst 20.9g/t. According to a scoping study, Segele will need an initial capital investment of $8 million and ongoing operating costs of $243 per ounce of gold produced. Both broad, wide zones at the surface and high-grade gold zones have been encountered at Joru by trenching and core drilling.

The project itself consists of a mining and exploration permit for Ethiopia, which is located in the far southwest of the nation. It is situated 20 km from the border with South Sudan and around 700 kilometres by car from the country’s capital, Addis Abeba. The Akobo region is a developing gold zone where alluvial hand mining is common. Our region is a portion of the Akobo Basin’s lowland, which is characterised by flat to hilly savannah landscape covered with grass and trees.

A little more than ten years ago, Akobo Minerals received its first exploration licence in Ethiopia. Since then, the licence has been renewed annually and, for a portion of the exploration licence area, has been converted into a mining licence. But the history of gold mining in the area dates back more than three millennia, when gold was dug out and sent to Egypt for the pharaohs’ benefit. Since then, the amount of gold being mined in Ethiopia has risen and waned, but prior to the arrival of Akobo Minerals, the only miners in the area were 25,000 or so local craftsmen who dug for gold using crude tools

The licence region has been covered by exploratory work that has identified alluvial gold deposits. Over the last 10 years, a team of geologists from Akobo Minerals has worked diligently to discover numerous possible main gold sites. After that, the drill programme in Segele started at the end of 2019 and has so far produced remarkable high-grade gold findings, especially after a second round of drilling that started in late 2020. The results have been validated by ALS, an internationally renowned analytical laboratory.

The firm is managed by a management group with offices in Sweden and Norway that has a proven track record in corporate management and mineral exploration. A workforce in Ethiopia that by the end of 2021 included 40 locals supported this team. Finding, training, and employing local workers who would collaborate with the small management teams in Norway and Sweden has always been the company’s policy, assuring minimal operating costs.

The corporation has a strong working relationship with national authorities and prioritises ESG in all of its operations; an innovative community programme is in the works.

• Establish and promote a strong safety culture, ensuring compliance with all safety rules and best practices. To reduce accidents, injuries, and occupational risks, implement and enforce safety regulations.

• Ensures that mining Operations strictly conform to authorized designs, standards, and technologies, as well as specifications, work instructions, and process flow that outline the particular processes for the company’s mining operations.

• Oversee daily mining activities to meet production objectives within stipulated periods. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to analyze operational effectiveness and make required adjustments. Identify ways to simplify operations and save costs while maintaining safety and quality.

• Work with the mine manager to create effective mining layouts and schedules that maximize productivity and mineral resource extraction. Allocate resources, such as equipment, staff, and supplies, to ensure that mining activities go smoothly.

• Ensures that necessary geotechnical and geochemical techniques are used to generate scientific information that is retained in Mine Operations to optimize the pit, design access roads, determine the sequence of mining benches, and plan to catch up with the waste rock backlog.

• Coordinate emergency reactions and execute remedial steps to avoid repeat disasters.

• Make certain that mining operations follow environmental legislation and permit requirements.

Job Prerequisites

Bachelor’s degree in mining engineering, geology, or a related discipline is required.

Work Experience: A minimum of 5 years of substantial mining operations experience is required.

Other prerequisites

• Thorough knowledge of mining procedures, equipment, and industry best practices.

• Understanding of mining safety legislation and environmental requirements.

• Excellent communication abilities, as well as the ability to encourage and inspire teams.

• Problem-solving and decision-making talents to successfully solve operational difficulties.

• A track record of fulfilling production goals and optimizing mining operations.

• The ability to adjust to changing circumstances and deal with high-pressure situations.

• The ability to utilize basic software tools and learn new programs for mine planning is advantageous.



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