Kaldi’s Coffee Ethiopia – Price Vacancy & Contact Number

Kaldi’s Coffee Ethiopia – Price Vacancy & Contact Number



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OK Bottling and Beverage Share Company Job Vacancy

In addition to producing bottled natural spring water, OK Bottling and Beverage Share Company also strives to fulfill its social responsibility by providing clean spring water to consumers. The manufacturing facility is situated 198 kilometers away from Addis Ababa, close to Wolkite University. For a specific role, the company is currently hiring a dynamic, motivated, and hardworking individual.

For the following positions, Ok Bottling and Beverage S.C. would like to invite qualified and motivated candidates to apply.

Officer of Innovation and Digital Marketing, First Position


The primary goal of the innovation and digital marketing officer is to drive growth through the use of innovative digital strategies. They have also taken on overall responsibility for digital marketing.

Principal tasks and obligations:

  • The innovation and digital marketing officer’s job duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  Developing and implementing digital marketing strategies that complement overarching business objectives.
  • Keep yourself updated about the newest technologies and trends in digital marketing.
  • Oversee and enhance digital marketing initiatives through diverse channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on.
  • To gauge the effectiveness of campaigns and return on investment, use analytics and tracking tools.
  • Assist internal teams in coordinating digital marketing strategies with overarching marketing and business plans.
  • Helping the marketing team increase their output.
  • Deliver consistent reports and insights regarding the performance of digital marketing to important stakeholders.
  • To achieve better outcomes, test and improve digital marketing strategies continuously.
  • Oversee and preserve every facet of digital marketing endeavors, encompassing social media, email marketing, website administration, and search engine optimization, among other things.
  • Designing logos, websites, packaging, promotional materials, and advertisements for online and print campaigns.
  • Working together with other departments to guarantee effective handling of sales, marketing, inquiries, and deliveries.
  • Choosing hues, typefaces, pictures, and compositions to produce aesthetically pleasing designs that successfully convey a message.
  • Organize the team’s activities to optimize their performance and ensure the organization’s continuous growth.
  • Ensuring compliance with laws, policies, and regulations.
  • Ensure that projects are finished on schedule and within the allocated budget.
  • Keep your knowledge of design software and techniques up to date.
  • Assist upper management by fulfilling orders and informing clients about any delays and delivery schedules.
  • carries out additional tasks deemed significant in accordance with the manager of the department’s instructions.

Section: Activities

DIRECTORY TO: Manager of Operations

Employment type: Full-time following the probationary period’s successful conclusion.

  • The position requires a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in digital marketing, information technology, management information systems, computer science, or a related field.
  • In addition to a minimum of three years of experience in technical support and digital marketing roles, professional certifications in relevant fields would be advantageous.
  • A strong understanding of ICT systems, networking, troubleshooting, and digital marketing strategies is essential for the ideal candidate.

Place of work: Addis Ababa

Job Summary for Position 2: Head of Store Division:

The Operation Department Manager receives direct reports from the Store Division Head. Planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling the company’s store and stock functions are under his or her purview. He or she is in charge of ensuring that a store operates efficiently on a daily basis by supervising its operations. The Store Division Head plays a variety of vital roles in the company’s success. Among the duties of a Store Division Head are:

  1. Particular Obligations and Accountabilities

Job Accountability 1: Organisation and Scheduling

  • Plans, arranges, leads, coordinates, and manages the organization’s resources.
  • Creates long-, medium-, and short-term plans for the department’s operations and sees to it that they are carried out after approval.
  • Make sure you adhere to the product mix strategies and apply them in accordance with approval.
  • Make sure that all transactions are updated in the portal system software application and that the balances correspond with the manual system documentation.
  • Make sure there are no transaction backlogs in the portal system and that it is kept up to date.
  • Maintains the physical state of the warehouse through the planning and execution of new design layouts, equipment inspections, work order issuance for repairs, and replacement requisitions.
  • Maintains job results for warehouse staff through employee coaching, counseling, and discipline; plans, tracks, and evaluates job results.
  • Set standards for inventory management tasks based on what the business needs. Arrange the materials in a way that maximizes the level of service delivery while maintaining elegance.
  • Make sure that staff shifts are planned and organised, and that resources are allocated to each warehouse task.
  • Analyse and interpret the figures in the warehousing reports, then clearly and concisely present and explain the reports to the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Job Accountability 2. Storage Operations
  • Maintaining a record of every product that comes into or goes out of the warehouse.
  • Establish protocols, rules, and guidelines for inventory management, including receipt, safe storage, replenishment, and disposal of inventory items. Also, manage discrepancies, conduct inventory checks, amend inventory records, and hand out stores.
  • Manage inventory fluctuations in the warehouse, obtain complete products from the manufacturer, distribute complete products to clients and oversee sales, organize the warehouse with proper stacking, and obtain returned complete products once the remaining amount has been sold.
  • Maintain track of the dispatched items’ data and ensure that they have adhered to all necessary formalities and sales invoices.
  • Creates and oversees an operating budget for stocks.
  • Makes sure that stock results are effectively controlled and takes corrective action when necessary to ensure that proper stock objectives are not met within budgeted amounts.
  • Evaluating and comparing store performance to actual past period performance, same season performance from the previous year, and plans in order to assess efficacy.
  • Creates all of the store’s policies and procedures after consulting with the general manager or operation manager.
  • Respect all company policies, guidelines, and the code of ethics for business, and make sure that the team is aware of and following them.
  • Executes audit suggestions concerning warehouse operations.
  • Examines and accepts a range of documents pertaining to warehouses.

   Accountability 3: Personnel Supervision

  • Organises frequent meetings with warehouse teams to explore strategies for enhancing work processes.
  • Managing, directing, supervising, monitoring, and organizing the work of employees.
  • assisting in the onboarding of recently hired employees.

 Record inventory movement promptly, inspect product quality and attend meetings with the quality department.

  • Manage every aspect of the warehouse’s operations.
  • Administrates and supervises the store’s operations.
  • Maintain overall authority over the operations within the department of stores.
  • Make sure that the procedures for requesting, receiving, and recording are carried out in accordance with the company’s policies and guidelines.
  • Monitor the effective utilization of available space and minimize handling expenses.
  • Verify the authenticity of requisitions and ensure they are filled correctly.
  • Ensure that every safety measure is implemented for the products that are being stored.
  • Oversees and plans the repackaging and assembly of broken and disassembled items.
  • Keep an eye on the product’s safety during the loading and unloading of trucks.
  • Oversee and take part in the regular physical inventory count of all the items in the store, then prepare a report based on the results.
  • Oversee the establishment of an appropriate ordering and receiving system.
  • Oversees staff members within his division. performs recurring performance reviews for staff members in his division.

The fourth job responsibility is reporting and networking.

  • Maintain daily communication with the production and sales teams to ensure that the product mix is retained.
  • Maintaining and disseminating the daily report on stock status.
  • Maintain an inventory and update it on a regular basis, staying current and adhering to best practices.
  • Make sure the inventory is well-maintained and controlled for audit purposes.
  • Prepares daily, weekly, and monthly stock movement and level reports on a periodic basis.
  • It is your duty to ensure that all hard and soft copies of the warehouse transaction documentation are prepared and accessible for auditors upon request.
  • Work together to ensure a smooth workflow with coworkers, supervisors, and personnel.
  • Respect all safety guidelines and protocols.
  • Constantly tracks potential reasons for client complaints and recommends suitable remedial actions,
  • Prepare and implement forms and vouchers (BIN Card, GRN, SIV, DO, and others) for recording and controlling warehouse material movement. Prepare and submit stock reports to the general manager on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. These reports should include information about unplanned activities completed as well as problems encountered and suggested solutions.

Liability No. 5: Other People

Section: Activities

DIRECTORY TO: Manager of Operations.

Job prerequisites

carry out additional tasks that the GM or operation manager assigns.

MBA/BA in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Logistics, Operations Management, Warehousing and Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, or a similar field; at least five years of FMCG industry experience, preferably with knowledge of the bottled water business.

Place of work: Addis Ababa

Closing date: 30 November 2023

How to Apply

Interested candidates who meet the requirements are kindly asked to apply in person to our office at Bizrate Gebrel, in front of the Home Depot SAN Building on the fifth floor, along with a non-returnable copy of their resume and any supporting documentation. Alternatively, applications may be sent by email to HRM@fikirwuha.com OR info@fikirwuha.com until November 30, 2023.

To apply for this job please visit www.ethiopianjobs.et.

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