Management Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

Management Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

Position Description

Médecins du Monde (MDM), a campaigning medical organization dedicated to worldwide solidarity, has been caring for the world’s most vulnerable people for over 30 years. It has continued to expose barriers to healthcare access and has gained long-term gains in health-for-all legislation. Those who work for this non-profit organization do more than just provide care and treatment; they also criticize abuses of human dignity and rights and seek to improve conditions for vulnerable communities. MdM presently operates in 44 countries on all continents, focusing on four main areas: caring for the health of migrants and displaced people, promoting sexual and reproductive health, reducing damage associated with drug use, and responding to emergencies and crises.

Médecins du Monde has been working in Ethiopia since 1986 on a variety of health programs ranging from long-term interventions to emergency response.

MdM France has focused its efforts on projects related to basic access to primary health care (projects centered on rural health facilities and isolated populations), maternal mortality reduction through improved obstetric care quality, promotion of sexual and reproductive health rights, including protection against gender-based violence, provision of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS), and malnutrition reduction.

Following a time of uncertainty, the mission has lately expanded dramatically. Although the Covid-19 pandemic was a challenge for the teams and the programming, it has expanded in 2020 and 2021 with its current programming in Semera (Afar) and Chinaksen (Oromia), where MdM France leads a consortium with COOPI and MdM Germany, and solid prospects for intervention in some parts of the country. The mission has also changed structure after handing over its initiative in the Somali area to MdM Germany in May 2021. Following the peace deal, the security situation in the Tigray area improved towards the end of 2022, and MdM aims to intervene in Tigray in 2023 to deliver integrated basic healthcare services.

Job title: Deputy Logistics Coordinator Location: Ethiopia, Addis Abeba

Employment Contract length: 12 months with the potential for extension

Salary Basic: 67,392.00

Logistics Coordinator was notified.


The job holder works closely with the following departments/units and/or functions daily:  programs

• The finance department, which facilitates payment to the service provider.

• Programmes and other functional divisions to assist; • Field teams to provide logistical direction and support.

• Human Resources for team recruiting

External: The position holder has a close working connection with the following people:

• Rental car service providers for obtaining the necessary services

• Hotels in search of necessary services and performance comments • Ticketing agents in search of required services

• Security service providers for payment and feedback on performance • Various government agencies

1 (one) required position

The announcement will be made on August 15, 2023.

The application deadline is August 31, 2023.


Job Description

The role holder will be responsible for coordinating and monitoring the transportation, inventory management, office management, and administrative services for Médecins du Monde national programs by the organization’s policy manuals, SOPs, and standards.

Furthermore, the job holder is responsible for managing and monitoring rental vehicles, MEDECINS DU MONDE fleet utilization, logistics, and administration-related budget utilisation, office supply allocation, up-to-date general maintenance of MDM offices, lease contract preparation, lease agreement payment processing, team management, and other related administrative activities.


Important tasks and duties.

Management of Vehicle Fleets (20%)

• Carry out all vehicle fleet management tasks successfully, such as technical inspection, vehicle scheduling, and allocation, vehicle outfitting with all essential safety and recovery items, PO preparation and payment for rental cars, reporting, and other related duties.

• Receive vehicle requests in the form of completed PR from various departments and project areas in a timely way.

• Communicate on time and establish orders with car suppliers to have vehicles inspected.

• Process rental car payments with all relevant papers.

• Handle rental car replacements appropriately when considered required for various reasons.

Coordination of office operations (ten percent)

• Effectively coordinate front-desk service and liaison efforts.

• Process selection and contractual agreements with hotels, guesthouses, and air-ticketing organizations in coordination with the procurement team; maintain paperwork and a database of all agreements, modifications, and other related papers.

(15%) Asset Management

• Complete all asset management tasks effectively, including frequent updating of the asset master database with the appropriate custodians, addition of new assets and disposal of assets, asset tagging, asset disposal facilitation, and associated activities.

• Ensure that all assets of the country office are appropriately recorded and that all necessary information is filled in the asset register sheet; • Update the asset master data sheet regularly; • Identify assets for disposal promptly and collaborate and provide assistance during disposal of the assets; and • Follow-up on and ensure the proper operation of office equipment and telecommunications systems, including office telephone, office fax, satellite telephones. Unit

Management of Stock Inventory and Distribution (15%)

• Carry out all stock inventory management activities effectively, including inspecting purchased items, receiving and updating inventory balances, issuing and distributing per approved request, recording the inventory transaction by ensuring proper stacking and safety in the warehouse, and other related activities.

• Ensure that all materials received from suppliers are inspected and that all necessary paperwork for issuing and dispatching is completed.

• Manage the effective and correct recording of stock transactions; • Facilitate periodic inventory taking by guaranteeing good stock management to minimize theft, spoilage, damage, and so on.

• Produce periodic stock reports on time at the end of each month.

Contract administration for office and warehouse leases (15%)

• Effectively and efficiently manage office and warehouse leasing arrangements.

• Handle precisely the production and presentation of lease contracts for signing, as well as the processing of lease payments by the lease agreement’s terms and circumstances.

• Keep an up-to-date file of all leases, including walk-through inventory lists, deeds, rental payments, and other papers about leased premises. Maintain a detailed spreadsheet for all leasing agreements, modifications, and other pertinent papers.

Office security and cleaning services supervision (10%)

• Oversee and oversee the efficient and effective conduct of office security services.

• Ensure that all compounds are appropriately guarded and secured, both in terms of personnel and infrastructure (fences, gates), and that appropriate remedial action is taken when necessary.

• Establish security guard schedules and provide training/orientation for new guards; weekly schedules and duty roaster for guards in collaboration with the Senior Security Guard.

• Oversee and oversee the efficient and effective day-to-day and periodic office cleaning service handlings.

Budget and payment administration and facilitation (5%)

• Collect budgets on time from various projects and charge them in collaboration with budget holders and finance.

• Ensure the efficient and timely processing of utility bills such as water, electricity, telephone, internet, and other utilities. • Collect and charge overhead charges from various grant coordinators for telecom service, utility, office rent fee, and other service payments.

• Ensure that the administration-related money is accessible and well-managed for operations to be successful and efficient.

Management of Team Performance (5%).

• Effectively manage team performance through coaching, motivating, assigning tasks, offering direction and feedback on their performance, and performing performance appraisals, among other things.

• Manage and evaluate the performance of the rental car service provider, giving comments on the contract gap


5% reporting

• Providing logistical reports on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis.

Competencies in leadership and business management

Competencies for Leadership

• Establish and communicate challenging but achievable work objectives and priorities, explaining how they contribute to Plan International’s mission.

• Establish high expectations for oneself and others, both within and outside of the workplace. Promoting our principles and dedication to human rights, gender equality, and safety. Supporting our employees’ health, well-being, and physical and psychological safety, including their ability to speak out.

• Hold oneself and others accountable for what has been agreed upon, dealing with bad performance swiftly, decisively, and constructively.

• Foster a good team spirit by assisting individuals in working effectively together to reflect on and continually improve the efficiency and quality of our work.

• Collaborate with team members, coworkers, and partners to solve challenges creatively by sharing knowledge, experience, and ideas and actively seeking their feedback.

• Motivate and develop people by showing an interest in them, providing constructive comments and appreciation, ensuring they are adequately trained, and assisting them in realizing their full potential.

• Accept change and assist others in adapting to it by assisting them in understanding.

Competencies in Business Management

• Be familiar with the processes, institutions, and organizations that form the development and humanitarian backdrop. Understands their local working environment and exhibits political, social, and cultural knowledge.

• Understand the many institutional and governance features, such as national organizations, global hubs, regional hubs, country offices, liaison offices, members assemblies, international boards, and leadership teams.

• Apply the principles of the Code of Conduct to their job actions.

• Knowledge of the appropriate sectoral framework, including how the sector functions in terms of finance and governance, as well as an understanding of organizational values and global strategy

• Conducts and analyses risk assessments regularly, assign risk ownership, and manages supervision.

• Creates job positions based on organizational needs while keeping the external labor market in mind. Understands the present grade and compensation structure.

• Determines existing and future people requirements by the workforce strategy. Risk is managed by comparing capability and capacity to future needs.

• Understands the procurement cycle and supplier chain, as well as the significance of proper procurement planning.

Job Prerequisites

Educational background and professional experience

• BA-level education in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, Management, Economics, and any other relevant subject of study

• At least 5 years of relevant experience, with 3 years at a senior level (not necessarily earned in an NGO or INGO) or shown equal combination.

• Extensive expertise in large-scale logistical functions for both emergency and development programs.

• Proven driving certification and experience • Proven scheduling and management of repair requests from several departments

Skills and characteristics are essential.

• The ability to prioritize.

• Teamwork Languages

• Fluency in English is necessary; knowledge of local languages is preferred.

How to Apply

Interested candidates may complete the application form found at (Note: All information on the form is factual and correct.) Please send your CV and cover letter to with the topic Deputy Logistics Coordinator.

*Only selected applicants will be contacted. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. We will only accept applicants who agree to the above-mentioned compensation and contract term.

We will begin the longlisting process before the vacancy’s end date if you apply early.



To apply for this job please visit

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