National Lottery Ethiopia 2016 Winning Numbers Today

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National Lottery Ethiopia 2016 Winning Numbers Today

National Lottery Ethiopia 2016 Winning Numbers Today

Two sports betting organizations have received licenses from the National Lottery Administration by the revised Sports Betting Lottery Licencing Directive 172/2013.

The September 2014 administration. It declared that it would begin re-licensing sports betting (betting) that had been stopped, by the published and amended Sports Betting Licencing Guidelines.

Recall that at the time, the administration declared that the guidelines for lottery licenses had been revised to ensure that the betting industry was subject to stringent laws and regulations, in addition to adding new prohibitions not included in the previous guidelines.

Numerous organizations have applied to the National Lottery to provide the service based on the updated guidelines, Ato Dese Dejene, Director General of Licencing and Supervision of the National Lottery Administration, told the reporter. He added that some people have permission to do so as well.

Since the start of licensing, two organizations, according to Mr. Dese, have fulfilled the requirements and been given licenses.

Four more businesses are obtaining licenses, according to Ato Dese, who revealed that “Flash” and “Game” are the two new sports betting companies that have been granted licenses. The four organizations are currently meeting the standards, according to the director general’s explanation.

It is stated that the organizations that applied to become sports bookies have sent a written request for authorization, along with a legal lease agreement, a map of possession, and a general description of the work, to the administration in compliance with the guidelines.

The standard also stipulates that the companies must provide evidence of working capital or cash, as verified by a bank statement. If the companies are private limited liability companies, they must also submit articles of incorporation and association that are registered with the document certification office. Furthermore, they have received confirmation that they have complied with the 1.5 million birr unconditional bank guarantee and have been granted authorization.

Mr. Dese declared that the administration has the power and duty to make decisions such as warnings, fines, and prohibitions based on the law. He claimed that the National Lottery complies with the guidelines in all aspects, from monitoring to issuing work permits. Nonetheless, they claimed that the courts should make the decisions because it is outside their purview.

It will be recalled that disagreements have occurred between certain sports bettors and bettors about the outcomes of sporting events in the past few weeks. “The controversy is because the betting company was not forced to pay according to the law because the game was canceled,” stated the Director General of Licencing and Supervision, who offered his opinion on the matter. “Bettors raised a question that we should be paid according to the established rules because we won the game.”

When such circumstances arise, the case ought to be thoroughly investigated in court, according to Ato Dese. They went on to say that in these kinds of situations, the police and the court are entitled to an explanation.

How are you putting the rules into practice is one of the concerns the court brought up regarding the National Lottery. How do you manage it? Additionally, Mr. Dese declared that it is about

To deal with the chaos that may arise while the nation is under a state of emergency, he clarified that the bettor who disagrees with the response given by the betting company should file a request in court. However, he also announced that the administration had sent a letter to the bettors who complained asking them to resolve their concerns with the organization.

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