NGO Driver Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023

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NGO Driver Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023


Job Description Overview: With a focus on education, economic growth, democratic institutions, and stabilization, Creative Associates International is a dynamic and rapidly expanding global development firm. With its headquarters in Washington, D.C., Creative has field offices in over 25 nations and a solid clientele that includes, among others, the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Since its establishment in 1977, Creative has grown to gain a strong clientele and the respect of both partners and rivals.

Program Description: The four-year Ethiopia Civic Engagement Activity, funded by USAID, aims to fortify Ethiopia’s civic fabric to promote more responsive, inclusive, and peaceful governance. The project intends to support inclusive dialogue, respect for human rights, and the advancement of more efficient, accountable, and citizen-responsive governance by strengthening civic and community-based actors’ capacity to engage in policy analysis, advocacy, dialogue, and collective action for peaceful, democratic change. It also aims to foster multi-stakeholder civic partnerships.

Summary of Position: The Driver will assist with project staff transportation. The driver follows Creative’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) by maintaining project cars, keeping track of their usage, cleaning the vehicles, and monitoring when they should be serviced.

Reporting: The Driver is accountable to the Regional Hub Finance, Grant, and Administrative Officers.

• In charge of maintaining trip logs to guarantee that vehicle usage practices adhering to USAID regulations and guidelines as well as Creative SOP.
• Report any mechanical issues as soon as possible so that repairs can be made, and then double-check to make sure the work was done correctly.
• Assure that the car is always kept safe, orderly, and in good operating order.
• Verifies that the car is fitted with the necessary accessories and is safe to drive.
• Keep a close eye on the car’s mechanical state and schedule routine maintenance, such as checking the tires, brakes, water, oil, and battery.
• Help make sure the insurance and registration on cars are up to date.
• Make sure you always have copies of your car insurance, an office directory, a city/country map, a first aid kit, and the necessary replacement parts on hand.
• Adhere to the Road Transport and Traffic Regulation’s regulations regarding traffic.
• Acquire knowledge of and abide by all security regulations when operating and operating the project vehicles.
• As needed, offer administrative and clerical assistance, such as with creating, copying, organizing, binding, filing, and distributing mail and notifications.
• Assist with administrative and logistical tasks during gatherings and events.
• Report and offer advice on any incidents or risks that might affect travel for the project.
• Ensure that the assigned vehicle receives the recommended daily maintenance, including minor repairs, oil changes on schedule, tire and brake inspections, car washes, etc.
• Before you begin operating the car, make sure all of the passengers are buckled up.
• Never, wherever you are, use a mobile device while operating a motor vehicle.
• Other tasks as they come up.
Physical demands: The employee may occasionally be asked to lift and/or move up to twenty to twenty-five pounds while carrying out the responsibilities of this job.

Job prerequisites

• Previous exceptional technical driving abilities and experience, along with a solid understanding of the routes within project intervention areas.
• Diploma or certificate in auto mechanics;
• Understanding of the local area;
• Driving laws and regulations;
• Courtesies and protocol for chauffeurs; and  Defensive driving abilities
• A valid driving license with a clean driving history and record from Ethiopia.
• Ability to perform simple auto repairs.
• The capacity to operate autonomously with little to no guidance.
• A strong track record of punctuality, teamwork, and excellent references are required.
• Outstanding judgment and a strong dedication to the security and safety of partners, beneficiaries, and project personnel.
• English proficiency is a plus.



Heal Africa Health City Driver Job Vacancy

The firm Heal Africa Health City (HAHC) was established in 2019 by a group of 14 experts, mostly in the fields of medicine and health. Through the sale of shares, the firm has now grown its shareholder base to over 300, including 120 medical professionals and subspecialists with a wealth of knowledge in both academic and medical services both domestically and internationally. The company’s main goal is to build an independent health city that would house the biggest medical institution in Africa and function as a hub for medical tourism.

A broad range of specialists from many fields—law, economics, business administration, marketing, architecture, civil engineering, and software engineering—all of whom are native Ethiopians or have established diasporas in Ethiopia, launched the firm. The founders’ varied skill sets are advantageous to the business.

The self-contained medical facility known as “Health City” has many superspecialty hospitals that together provide tertiary-level treatment in one convenient location. In addition to medical education, training, and research, it provides a variety of supportive services for patients, clients, families, and carers. A contemporary approach to providing all-inclusive healthcare, the health city idea is comparable to those seen in the United States, Europe, and some Asian and Middle Eastern nations.


The company’s project coordination office is located on the fifth level of the SUR Construction building in Addis Ababa’s Bole sub-city, woreda 2, and is completely manned by over ten highly experienced and committed full-time employees.

The organisation has a robust financial standing, the ability to manage projects, recognition, and a network of commercial relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers and reputable hospitals in Turkey, the United States, Indonesia, the Emirates, and other nations.

Project Administration and Oversight

The business uses a corporate management system and governance structure that aims to provide a broad variety of high-quality medical services, meet client and patient needs, and boost profit growth for shareholders. There are many stakeholders that must cooperate with one another in order to accomplish company investments and strategic recommendations.

To prevent poor management, guarantee responsibility and openness, reduce risk, and improve the joint company’s operational efficiency The senior management team, advisory board, governing board, and general assembly comprise the HAHC governance system. Every body has distinct jobs and duties.

Position Description

  • Vehicle to transport drags to various locations in Addis Ababa in a safe and timely manner.
  • Ensure that all necessary vehicle documents (e.g., insurance, registration documents, etc.) are present and up to date in the vehicle. Performing routine inspections on the vehicle to ensure that it is always in good condition
  • Maintaining up-to-date repair records and ensuring that the vehicle has completed its servicing and maintenance before embarking on a long journey
  • Monthly mileage records must be updated, and data must be provided to the Supervisor for monthly operations reporting.
  • Ensure that assigned vehicle(s) are fully equipped with a first aid kit, spare tires, a working torch and batteries, a vehicle jack, a wheel brace, and a tool kit (spanner, wrench, tire removers, patch kit, and so on).
  • Providing administrative support to the office, including messenger duties, sales and purchasing, payments, and so on…

Job Prerequisites


-A well-organized and respectful individual with good communication skills and a basic understanding of English is required.

-A high school graduate or diploma with basic technical knowledge is required, as is a People 1 driving license with no major accidents in the last three years.

-Not older than 45 years old, male

How to Apply

If you need any information call us at 0115580051

To apply for this job email your details to

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