NGO Job Vacancies in Ethiopia 2024

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DCA’s Programme mainly focus on save live, building resilience and fighting inequality targeting highly disaster-prone areas in Oromia, Amhara, Afar, and Gambella regions.

NGO Job Vacancies in Ethiopia 2024

Dan Church Aid (DCA)


Dan Church Aid (DCA) an international non-governmental organization (NGO) with its headquarters in Denmark, is registered with the Authority for Civil Society Organizations under certificate # 1083. Its primary goal is to enhance the welfare of Ethiopians living in rural and semi-urban areas. The primary goals of DCA’s planned initiatives are to combat inequality, save lives, and create resilience in parts of Oromia, Amhara, Afar, and Gambella regions that are most vulnerable to disasters.

Position Goal

Helping the procurement and logistics team acquire products and services effectively is the main goal of a procurement and logistics assistant. This entails strategic sourcing, expert supplier management, competitive procurement techniques, and quality control. Furthermore, the individual holding the position will be accountable for guaranteeing appropriate material delivery to the end user.




In order to help the DCA Procurement and Logistics Unit handle procurement and logistics tasks for the Country Office, the Procurement and Logistics Assistant’s role is to provide support. Digitalizing procurement files in ADMIND, sourcing and vendor assessments, processing purchase orders, supporting inventory management, organizing logistics, and closely collaborating with the finance team to update the price database and PTS are among the primary duties. The boss may also give the assistant extra responsibilities.



Pricing Database Administration

Update the price database often, and send it over for approval to the PROLOG manager.

Ascertain the optimal balance between cost and quality.

Management of Suppliers:

It focuses on choosing trustworthy vendors and making sure that deliveries are made on time.

Upkeep of Vendor Databases:

Update contact details, add new vendors, and confirm credentials to keep the vendor database current.

Job Related to Fleet:

Fleet-related costs should be uploaded to the relevant ADMIND subdirectory.

Upload of Fleet Records:

Upload fleet records to the ADMIND system to comply with the new requirement.

Green Office Program:

Work together with the Prolog team to put green office initiatives into action. Encourage the use of ecologically beneficial, sustainable, and waste-free methods.


  • Procurement Reports: For every project, create and distribute a monthly procurement report.
  • Monthly procurement plans should be updated and maintained for every project.
  • Asset Movement and Updates: Monitor and report on the organization’s asset movement on a regular basis. Make sure that the ADMIND system’s asset records are updated appropriately.
  • PTS (Procurement Track Sheet): Update the PTS once a week, adding details about pending orders.
  • Monthly Price Database: Continually update your price database with details on suppliers, agreed-upon rates, and any modifications to market rates.
  • Reporting on Green Initiatives: Create quarterly reports on procurement and logistics-related green initiatives.

Number of Vacancy: DCA-Eth/VA-016/2024

Date of Vacancy: July 09, 2024

Title of Post: Assistant for Procurement and Logistics

The required number is one.

Contract Type: Two-Year with Possible Extension

Location of Duty: Addis Ababa

Answering to: Senior Manager of Procurement and Logistics

Anticipated Commencement Date: Whenever feasible

Deadline to Apply: July 19, 2024

Compensation Range: Based on the DCA Salary Scale

Workplace Need

  • a bachelor’s degree with one to two years of experience in a related profession, such as supply management or procurement.
  • strong written and oral English communication abilities as well as the capacity for successful communication.
  • strong interpersonal and organizational abilities, as well as the capacity to operate in a team environment.
  • practical familiarity with Microsoft Office software.
  • It is preferable to have experience with automated systems, such as any ERP.
  • the capacity to work and travel around Ethiopia in occasionally challenging environments

How to Apply

  • Interested and qualified candidates can use the link below to apply for the position.
  • Purchasing and Transportation Assistant – Ethiopia – DCA Intranet (
  • All qualified applicants are urged to apply, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, or membership with a particular religion, political party, or ethnic group, since DCA is an equal-opportunity workplace. Please do not include information in your application about your ethnicity or religion.


Please send simply your resume and application letter.

Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted.

To apply for this job please visit

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