NGO Job Vacancies in Ethiopia 2024

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NGO Job Vacancies in Ethiopia 2024




Save the Children International | CHS AllianceLOCATION: Dawa Zone’s Moyale, Hudet, Mubarak, and Kadaduma Woredas
Four Positions Are Available

POST TYPE: Level 3 (week or more) or intensive (e.g., four days in one month or overnight) National Child Safeguarding because they are employed by or visiting national programs; ore because they are in charge of carrying out the police checking/vetting process staff.

The incumbent will be responsible for overseeing the technical quality implementation of the Woreda OTP/(SC/TFU)/TSFP program.

The weekly implementation of the OTP and outreach activities will be primarily under his or her responsibility. Additionally, he or she will be in charge of medical supervision, clinical care for patients, on-the-job training for nurses and nutritionists in the management of severe acute malnutrition, and oversight of these staff members at government health facilities.

It is also expected of the position holder to provide clinical care and medical supervision for patients with and without complications, as well as to consistently and excellently provide technical support for the establishment and maintenance of OTP/TSF sites and Stabilizing Centers, and to train nutrition workers and HEW in the management of severe malnutrition.

Woreda Health and Nutrition Team Lead is the person to report to. Dimensions: With a current workforce of about 1,800 employees and a yearly budget of over $90 million, Save the Children operates in nine regions of Ethiopia.

Employees Reporting Straight to This Post: N/A Functional relationship: Woreda Senior CMAM Officer Dotted line relationship: Health and Nutrition Coordinator

Roles and responsibilities unique to a job
• Plan weekly transportation to OTP, TSFP, and/or TFU sites and oversee the implementation of activities.
• Ensure the clinical health and nutrition consultation of MAM cases by strictly adhering to the protocols; provide individual health and nutrition counseling; and, in the event that the case calls for it, refer the patient to the appropriate healthcare facility.
• Monitor the implementation of OTP, TSFP, SC/TFU, and program quality.
• Verify the hygiene at every TSFP distribution stage.
• Organize necessary medications, supplies, and medicinal items; keep an eye on inventory levels; and make earlier supply requests.
• Oversee training, provide on-the-job training, and collaborate closely with MOH personnel at the district, health post, and health center levels.
• Assemble and share OTP, SC/TFU, and TSFP overviews and reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis with the Senior CMAM officer.
• Ensure that kids who are released from SC/TFU are moved to an OTP in the area so they can continue receiving therapy.
• Following the guidelines for the medical and nutritional care of infants and children in OTP/TSFP and SC/TFU
• Train HEW and nurses on the management of SAM (-/+) on the job.
• Ensure that job aids (HEW quick reference, Look up table, report format, tally sheet, Plumpnut, and drug stock control balance form) are available in health posts. • Get HEW reports on a weekly basis, verify their accuracy and completeness, and submit them to Woreda Senior CMAM Officer.
• Offering guidance and support to HEW in making decisions regarding patients who pose serious risks and require transfer to a nearby hospital.
• Help HEWs identify patients who require discharge, patients who don’t respond to treatment, and patients who need to be transferred to OTP or SC.
• in charge of overseeing and managing supplemental food on a pre-mix basis and making sure the necessary materials are available for pre-mixing; in charge of overseeing the monthly TSFP activity and the implementation of the TSFP quality program.
• Take part in health education programs, capacity building training, and ENA/BCC application.
• Monitor absentees and defaulters and maintain up-to-date records for beneficiaries and staff (volunteers, CHAs).
• Facilitates the integration of the program with DRM and MoH by providing on-the-job training and supervision.
Reporting: Ensure that the satellite office has monthly reporting systems in place. support, among other things; implementation; and document field, all through the timely, accurate, and thorough submission of feedback reports.
• Verify that the medical stock report and the TSFP beneficiaries’ attendance are consistent.
SKILLS AND BEHAVIORS (the application of our values)

• Takes responsibility for one’s actions, including decision-making, effective resource management, and upholding and exemplarizing Save the Children values.
• Holds partners and the team responsible for fulfilling their obligations; this includes granting them latitude to execute as they see fit, offering the support they need to advance, and enforcing suitable sanctions when desired outcomes are not met.

• Assumes accountability for one’s own personal growth, sets high standards for oneself and their team, and inspires others to follow suit.
• Engages and inspires others by sharing their personal vision for Save the Children in a wide manner.
• Future-focused and strategically minded.

• Establishes and preserves strong bonds with members of their team, as well as with partners and supporters outside the group.
• Sees diversity as a source of strength in the marketplace.
• Personable, attentive, and easy to communicate with

• Invents and promotes fresh, original ideas.
• Willing to accept calculated risks.

• Sincere, promotes candor and openness
• A degree or diploma in nutrition or health with at least two years of experience working for non-governmental organizations is required.
• A year of work experience in an IMAM or PHC program.
• Knowledge of nutrition and health initiatives.
• The capacity and willingness to work in a challenging environment.
• Gender and cultural sensitivity.

• The role holder needs to be very flexible, have great interpersonal skills, and have good relationships with his team members.
• The person in the position needs to be able to handle making difficult decisions in order to overcome obstacles.
• The position holder needs to speak Somali, the local language, and have good interpersonal relationships.
The extent and intricacy of decision-making
• Capable of following instructions from a supervisor and adhering strictly to specific policies.
• Expected to make decisions while closely supervised based on established procedures.
• Capable of making decisions inside the parameters of the current work scope while utilizing creativity and some independent judgment; these decisions are usually made to address problems, modify existing solutions, or implement new protocols and practices.
Accountability, ambition, collaboration, creativity, and integrity are the competencies associated with the SC values. The post holder must exhibit the following in order to meet the value system. Continuous competencies (this varies depending on the role; take the example below as an example)
• Achieving the desired outcome: Accepts accountability for actions and holds others accountable in order to meet our high standards for the children, constantly enhancing individual or group performance.
• Developing Self and Others: Devote time and effort to actively developing oneself and others in order to help them reach their greatest potential and to strengthen the capacity of the organization.

How to Apply
Please include information about your current compensation and salary expectations along with a copy of your resume and cover letter with your application.

Please apply using the link below:
Candidate Experience:
Our selection procedure, which includes thorough background checks, reflects our commitment to shielding kids from abuse because we need to keep them safe.

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