Abay Bank Job Vacancy 2024

Abay Bank Job Vacancy 2024

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Jobs at Abay Bank Available in 2024

Competent and qualified candidates are invited to apply for the following positions at Abay Bank S.C. After meeting all the prerequisites set forth by the National Bank of Ethiopia, Abay Bank was formally founded on July 14, 2010, and on November 3, 2010, it began conducting full-fledged banking operations.

As of June 30, 2023, the bank’s paid-up capital was Birr 4.733 billion, or Four Billion Seven Hundred Thirty-three million Birr, and its share count was 4,437, or Four Thousand Four Hundred Thirty-seven.

With its branch network, the Bank is prepared to provide services to all areas of the economy. It offers its services to the following industries: real estate, construction, transportation, agriculture, industry, and domestic and international trade.

First Position: Supervisor of Customer Service, Grade I

The individual holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, Accounting, Management, Business Administration, Finance, and Accounting, or a related field, and has worked in banking operations for two years.

The Customer Service Supervisor is in charge of approving transactions and countersigning tickets and vouchers. to monitor all cheque clearing operations and suspenseful accounts. to oversee and monitor account reconciliation as well as other relevant duties.

Workplace: Jigjiga City’s Darussalam Branch

NB: It is preferred that applicants speak and write in the Swahili language for the Daruselam Branch/Jigjiga City.

Senior Office Engineer is the second position.

Academic Background and Professional Experience: MSc/BSc degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Technology and Management, or a related field; at least 6-8 years of experience in total in Supervision and Contract Administration Works, including 4 years of experience at the senior level in related roles as Office Engineer, Contract Administration Engineer, or Project Coordinator. It is preferred to have experience with design-build projects.

In order to update important stakeholders on the status of the project, the Senior Office Engineer is in charge of submitting regular reports to the Project Manager and contributing to periodic and final reports. Oversee contractors and contract implementation to guarantee delivery in accordance with the technical documentation, scope, budget, and schedule. Make sure that all correspondence, work orders, variations, contract documents, design reviews, and meeting minutes pertaining to the projects that Abay Bank is currently working on are properly documented. In charge of promptly following up and keeping an eye on project activity in relation to the budget and schedule, as well as periodically checking payment certificates, keeping an eye on physical progress on site, and investigating changes, omissions, and additions. Bill of quantities, specifications, cost projections, and tender documents are prepared for projects as required.

Workplace: Head Office

Third Position: Cashier

Educational Background and Work Experience: Two years of work experience in cash management are required, along with a BA in Management, Economics, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Banking & Finance, Business Administration, or any other business-related field of study.

The Cashier is in charge of maintaining dual control over the vault key, overseeing and verifying the correct execution of all cash processes, and making sure that all internal control standards and limitations are met. prepares and signs the daily cash book, arranges for the shipment of cash to and from the issue account unit or division, and confirms the cash in the CROs’ boxes.

Atsibi Branch/Tigray Region is the workplace.

Fourth Position: Auditor

Education Level and Work Experience: a bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, accounting, management, or economics, or a similar field of study, with at least three years of experience working in a bank.

The auditor’s duties encompass conducting audits, which include problem identification and definition, criteria development, evidence review and analysis, documentation of the auditee’s processes and procedures, report preparation and compilation of audit findings, audit follow-up and rectification, and special investigation/fraud investigation audits.

Workplace: North Shewa/Rema Branch

Security Operation Centre (SOC) Analyst, Position No. 5

A minimum of three years of direct experience in a Security Operation Centre is required, along with a BSC degree in computer science, computer engineering, information science, or a related field. should be well-versed in log correlation and analysis, as well as TCP/IP packet analysis. Possess practical knowledge of Splunk, ArcSight, or IBM QRadar.

Working in round-the-clock shifts, the SOC Analyst is in charge of monitoring security alerts produced by different security systems in real time. Examine the latest SIEM-SOAR alerts to determine the importance and timeliness of each one. Examine incidents that junior SOC analysts have escalated. Examine false positives. Rules for matching tunes. performs in-depth analysis of threat intelligence. Determine the systems that are impacted and the scope of the attack. examines the configurations and active processes on the impacted systems. React to events involving security. Investigating forensics Record incidents involving closed security.

CHFI, CSA, and CEH are beneficial

Workplace: Head Office

Position 6: Civil Engineer and Collateral Valuator

Level of Education and Work Experience: BSc in Construction Technology, Civil Engineering, or any related field of study, plus at least three years of experience in designing, estimating, and valuing.

Collecting and verifying the legitimacy of all collateral property documentation falls within the purview of the Engineer and Collateral Valuator. He or she observes, measures, and records other information about the collateral properties, including photos and videos when necessary; analyses the information, determines the collateral’s value, and generates reports on the results of the collateral estimation process;

Debre Birhan District Office is the workplace.

Post 7: Grade I Branch Manager

Degree in Management or Economics, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Banking & Finance, and Work Experience: BA Having studied business administration or a closely related field, and having worked in banking operations for three years, one of those years was spent in a supervisory role,

The manager oversees and plans the branch’s overall operations. They also monitor and assess the branch’s performance in relation to set goals and objectives. He or she oversees and encourages the customer service representatives in charge of providing superior customer care. In addition to offering expert counsel, he or she locates and courteses possible clients.

Workplace: East Hararghe, Der Branch, Jigjiga City, Darussalam Branch

NB: It is preferred that applicants speak and write in the Swahili language for the Daruselam Branch/Jigjiga City.

Manager of Interest-Free Banking, Position 8

Educational Background and Work Experience: Four (4) years of experience in IFB operations out of a minimum of 8/10 years of banking operations experience, with an MBA or BA degree in Management, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business Administration, or a related field of study.

The Manager bears accountability for creating a draft IFB resource mobilization plan, guidelines, and techniques, as well as gathering and disseminating experiences and best practices. Create the districts’ and branches’ IFB deposit performance reports, then submit them for evaluation. Correct any errors found in the internal audit report and settle any elevated, long-overdue issues. Respond to inquiries from branches regarding their regular IFB operations. Determine corporate deposit clients and evaluate important IFB resource opportunity areas regularly.

Workplace: District Office of Adama


• Pay: based on the Bank’s Scale

The deadline for applications is February 16, 2024.

How to Apply
Apply in person at the Human Capital Administration Department, Abay Bank Head Office, Zequala Complex, 8th Floor, located around Bambis in front of NOC Gas Station, if you are interested and meet the requirements listed above.

Candidates who have been shortlisted will be contacted only.

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