Safaricom Ethiopia Job Vacancy 2023

Safaricom Ethiopia Job Vacancy 2023

Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia Plc ( ) is seeking candidates for the following open positions, details of which are provided below.

Senior System Engineer (Position 1): VAS

Training and experience:

  • A BSc degree or its equivalent in one of the following fields: Telecommunications engineering/electrical engineering/electronics engineering/computer science/information technology.
  • 5+ years of experience in an IT/telecommunications environment or Software Engineering • Solid understanding of VAS solutions such as Messaging, Voice, and Service Supply Platforms
  • Java enhancement expertise • REST API and microservices enhancement expertise
  • Solid knowledge of virtualization and container infrastructure
  • Knowledge of Distributed Techniques, analytics tools such as Python, Customary Question languages, Procedural Programming languages, Linux/Unix, Shell scripting • Knowledge of JavaScript, JSON, XSLT, XML • Knowledge of TCP/IP, IP Site visitors Engineering, SS7 signaling, GSM MAP and SMPP Protocols
  • Working knowledge of Unix systems and database systems such as Oracle and MySQL.
  • Thorough knowledge of 3GPP protocols and interfaces

Key responsibilities and decision-making authority:

  • Transforming requirements into conditions and directing implementation to continue improving, optimizing, and maintaining VAS functions.
  • Conduct research and proof-of-concept testing on new expertise and methodologies that may improve the structure and consumer expertise. Implement routine business requirements such as, but not limited to, developing USSD menus, backend API integration, testing, and other service requests on the VAS.
  • Platforms for launching new businesses and improving existing ones.
  • Always enhance and improve the code that powers and propels VAS businesses.
  • Work with the rest of the project team and the engagement manager to design and launch new options.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues, fix code bugs, and set up the necessary infrastructure
  • Collaborate with members of other departments in making decisions and planning community-related initiatives.
  • Contribute ideas and input to the technical feasibility of the Enterprise Unit’s most recent product or service propositions.
  • Current technical experience in planning and designing new VAS options or optimizing existing options by the IT strategy execution plan.
  • Actively participate and provide expert experience in defining techniques, roadmaps, structure design, and evolution, particularly in the direction of Cloud and micro services or relevant technologies.
  • On-time delivery of venture plans and structure designs to ensure that high-quality standards are met and options are operationally viable.
  • Handle the seller’s output and monitor their supply of their SLAs and SOWs.
  • Lead, manage, and mentor VAS Techniques Engineers and Specialists within Safaricom as well as our Partners.
  • Improve processes and DevOps to increase supply and efficiency by focusing on continuous improvement and optimization.

Knowledge, information, and expertise:

Competencies in Business:

  • Knowledge of VAS solutions such as messaging, USSD, content supply, voice (RBT, IVR, and media exchange), video, device management, lOT solutions, and so on.
  • Technical analysis and solution design for all VAS products and services, as well as development and implementation.

Innovation and creativity

  • Meeting business requirements through innovative solutions and creative application of acceptable materials
  • Technologies and system capabilities to ensure that enterprise and technical requirements are met on time, with high quality, and with the best customer experience.

Enterprise Understand the path

  • Sound information on services and products, as well as good observation documents of resolution supply • Collaboration and cooperation with businesses and other organizations Technology partners to drive forward-thinking resolution implementation.
  • Sound information on services and products, as well as good follow-up documentation on resolution supply.
  • Administration across multiple supply areas and distributors
  • Outstanding analytical and communication (written and verbal) abilities, as well as meeting facilitation abilities

Competencies with a Purpose:

  • Thorough understanding of VAS echo techniques used throughout the fulfillment chain, as well as technique integration. • Complete expertise in the technical design and implementation of advanced built-in techniques used across multiple platforms.
  • Addis Abeba, EthiopiaFor this position, the application deadline is Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

Senior Accountant Tax (Internal/External) Position 2

  • Education and Work Experience:
  • A bachelor’s degree in business, law, or Accounting & Finance is required.
  • Earned a professional designation (CPA, ACCA, or equivalent accounting/tax designation)
  • 5 years of progressive tax finance experience, including tax reporting, compliance, and accounting.
  • Extensive experience with tax accounting and disclosures for accounting and reporting functions.
  • Experience in proactive tax administration, keeping up with regulatory changes, and dealing with tax authorities will be advantageous.

The function of the role:

  • Ensuring tax compliance by adhering to tax controls, procedures, and processes that may be in place to improve operational efficiencies within the enterprise.
  • Ensure that adequate preparations are made for annual statutory audits and other tax audits as needed.
  • Ensure that monthly tax returns (VAT, withholding tax, Earnings Tax, and Pension) are completed and submitted to the Ministry of Income within the timeframes specified, along with payment of the corresponding tax liabilities.
  • Ensuring timely reconciliation of tax-related GL accounts and monthly collaboration with stakeholders on recognized exceptions.
  • To assist with month-to-month tax computation and adequate reporting by incorporating related entries from all enterprise touchpoints.
  • Ensuring adequate evaluation, compilation, and updating of supporting data required by Income Authority periodic data necessities and various audits in collaboration with related data sources.
  • Assist with the review of recent business initiatives and the scoping of any results on current transaction tax calculation course and technique setups.
  • Analyse and respond to tax queries, as well as related initiatives related to tax compliance and optimization.
  • Actively participating in initiatives from design to supply, as well as subsequent efficiency monitoring and reporting
  • Collaborate with and, as needed, support common and related training for finance employees and business partners in order to reduce tax exposures within the management environment.
  • Proactively advise and assist the broader business in providing and coordinating tax advice on the implications of operational transactions and ad hoc projects as needed.
  • To organise a well-structured course and a digital system of firm paperwork, as well as to manage all of their information and information in order to meet all of their regulatory and statutory obligations.
  • Assist in the maintenance of a well-designed centralised registry that benefits all corporate data sources required for tax compliance.
  • Create and maintain accurate and dependable databases of processed paperwork to ensure that it is acquired, captured, saved, and retrieved in an environmentally friendly and managed manner.
  • Create a framework and policy for document data management, as well as supporting procedures, to ensure enterprise-wide compliance.
  • Assist with tax invoice collection and submission on a monthly basis in accordance with the outlined process.
  • Assist in the development of training programmes for key enterprise stakeholders to build capability, improve doc administration awareness, and mitigate risks on a regular basis.
  • File labelling and entering file data into a spreadsheet or portal designed to handle document processing Maintaining the doc handling amenities in the required state to aid doc retrieval, use, and upkeep.
  • Examine This Article • Addis Abeba, Ethiopia • Position 1: Information Technology (IT) AssistantFor this position, the application deadline is Friday, September 15, 2023.

Senior Accountant- Treasury & Cash Management (Internal/External) Position 3

  • Education and Experience:
  • CPA/ACCA/CIMA/ACA qualified accountant and member of a professional body with a finance or related Honours degree from a recognised college
  • 4-5 years of accounting experience in a well-run organisation
  • At least two years of supervisory experience Expertise in preparing financial forecasts and cash flow analyses.
  • Experience developing advanced financial models to assess various financial plans.

Function of position:

  • Efficient management of money, investments, and financial risk throughout group corporations in accordance with accepted policies. This includes secure funding of funds as well as providing or securing the financial resources required by Safaricom and its subsidiaries to meet their business objectives in a timely, cost-effective, and secure manner.
  • Environmentally friendly administration of all treasury operations, including foreign exchange and money management; ensuring the corporation has the most effective banking services and products for its operations; accountability for all banking relationships; and accurate money flow forecast reporting.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate budgeted cash flow forecasts and monitor ongoing liquidity requirements throughout the organisation and its subsidiaries.
  • Ensure the daily financial institution reconciliation of all financial institution accounts maintained by the corporation, as well as the implementation of auto financial institution reconciliations for all financial institution accounts when available.
  • Ensure timely resolution of issues relating to the transmission of information between the financial institution and entry into Oracle software • Ensure precise knowledge on precise income money receipts, income bills and capital expenditure is captured to be used in the preparation of the money stream for comparison to forecast
  • Ensure timely and correct monitoring of all funds made to the bank via the digital fee resolution, and that fees levied are in accordance with the contract terms with the solution supplier.
  • Invest a centralised money pool in the cash market every day/in a single day in accordance with group Treasury coverage.
  • Investigate methods (available options) and potential sources of funding for business plans.
  • Ensure that funding sources are diverse and in accordance with regulatory and treasury policy; establish and maintain relationships with banks and other lenders.
  • Ensure that capital construction is in line with each business and financial strategy.
  • Current data requirements are required to maintain good investor relationships.
  • Analyse and interpret all financial risks and implement mitigation strategies. With a particular emphasis on: • Curiosity Fee Danger
  • Alternative Danger Overseas
  • Counterparty Danger (risk assessments for financial institutions)
  • Conduct an annual review of group Treasury coverage (a) to ensure full alignment with Safaricom group policy and (b) to strengthen or reformulate the policy as needed (primarily based on working recommendations).
  • Ensure that divisional/departmental insurance policies and procedures, techniques, and controls are always up to date and in sync with group treasury coverage.
  • Ensure that all treasury transactions are properly timed and recorded.
  • Coordinate with enterprise models and FBPs on (a) major funding points (b). HOD and CFO on critical initiatives (c) External stakeholders as needed.
  • Implement Treasury policies that clearly outline Treasury operations, specifically for foreign exchange, money management, banking procedures, and money forecasting, in accordance with the best observation within the Group.
  • Ensure and monitor strict adherence to the procedures for transaction approval, funds generation, checking, and digital information transfer, and report any breach of any part of the administration method. This could include the implementation of IT security insurance policies and requirements.
  • Preparation of monetary forecasts on a regular basis and approval by the Monetary Administration
  • Report and clarify variances between forecast and precise money stream to assess forecasting accuracy.
  • Establish treasury points within M&A and other initiatives, recommending commercially viable alternatives.
  • Manage the efficiency of assigned workers within the part, outline efficiency indicators, assign duties, and outline targets and aims for the workers. • Develop the ability base of the workers assigned, inspire, self-discipline, and suggest worker reward.
  • Addis Abeba, EthiopiaFor this position, the application deadline is Friday, September 15, 2023.

How do you apply?

  • Carefully read the job posting announcement.
  • Examine the vacancy details for eligibility.
  • Prepare your curriculum vitae or application details.
  • Finally, follow the authority’s instructions.

If you believe you are up to the challenge and have the necessary qualifications and experience, please update your candidate profile on the career portal and then click the apply button. Remember to include your resume.

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