Selale University Ethiopia Job Vacancy 2023

Selale University Ethiopia Job Vacancy 2023

About Selale University 

Located in “Fiche” town in Ethiopia, Selale University is a recently founded public university. It serves as the administrative hub for both the distinct woreda and the Semien Shewa Zone of the Oromiya Region. In July 2016, Selale University was founded by Proclamation Article/no. 359/2008. The university is situated in Fitche, in the North Shewa Zone of the Oromia Regional State in Ethiopia, 114 kilometers from the country’s capital, Addis Ababa.

Salale University offers thirty undergraduate programs spread across five colleges. Business and Economics, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Social Sciences and Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Health Sciences are the colleges.



Job Vacancy Summary

  • Hiring Authority: Selale University Ethiopia
  • Department: HR Department
  • Organization Type: University
  • Employment Type: Full-time
  • Position: 21
  • Total Vacancy: 54
  • Application Process: Offline
  • For more information: 0913739677
  • Official Website: (website not working )

call 0913739677 SELAL UNIVERSITY


Allied Chemicals PLC New Job Vacancy Announcement

Interested and qualified candidates are invited to apply for the following positions Allied Chemicals PLC offers.


First Post: Junior Office Secretary



Education: Awarded a computer secretary degree from an accredited college of education

Work experience: She can write English and Amharic fluently and has over two years of work experience.

Gender: Woman

Number: 1


Workplace: Addis Ababa


Position 2: Sales Representative


Education: Obtained a degree from an accredited education college.

Two years or more of work experience in the chemical manufacturing sector, with proficiency using the Norwat Cash Register

Gender: Woman

Number: 2


Location/Workplace: Addis Ababa


Position 3: Executive Secretary Education: Completed an office secretary programme at an accredited education college.

Work Experience: She can write letters in both Amharic and English, and she has at least three years of professional experience working as a secretary in any kind of organisation.

Gender: Woman

Number: 1


Location/Workplace: Addis Ababa


Position 4: Provider of cleaning and security services


Preparation for education:

adequate and from the appropriate body

A licence that has been renewed

able to issue a business licence

Work Experience: A minimum of ten years of experience, with the ability to show sufficient certification from the companies he has worked for

Gender The site visit will determine it.

Quantity: The site visit will determine that.

Location/Workplace: Wosen area, Addis Ababa


Position 5: Expert in plumbing and electrical work


Educational background: Technical graduate from an accredited education college

Work Experience: two years or more of combined male and female construction work experience

Number: 1

Location/Workplace: Addis Ababa


Junior Market Officer, Position No. 6

Education: Obtained a degree from an accredited education college.

Work Experience: Minimum of two years of experience working for a chemical manufacturer

All genders

Number: 1


Closing date: 18 December 2023


How to Apply


Within five consecutive working days of the announcement’s publishing date, you must deliver your resume and educational certificate in person.


H&M Building, 22 Mazoriya, 4th Floor, Office No. 407.

You can reach them by calling +251116182354.


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