AWACH Microfinance in Ethiopia

AWACH Microfinance in Ethiopia

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Notice of Vacancy

For the following positions, AWACH SACCOS is currently looking for highly qualified and talented individuals:


1.1. Accreditation

A bachelor’s degree from a reputable university in journalism, communication, or journalism and communication.

1.2. Experience: A minimum of two years of verifiable work experience and a CGPA of >2.5

1.3. Workplace: Awach SACCOS, Head Office in Addis Abeba

1.4. Gender: Female

1.5. No. 1 (one) is required.

1.6. Pay: In accordance with the SACCOS pay scale (ATTRACTIVE).


  • proficient in writing, speaking, and listening in Afaan Oromo, Amharic, and English.
  • a track record of success as a journalist for respectable magazines or news organizations.
  • strong familiarity with the standards, values, and ethics of journalism.
  • Outstanding editing, proofreading, and writing abilities with a strong grasp of grammar and punctuation and a keen eye for detail
  • solid knowledge of cooperatives, financial markets, and related business subjects.
  • competent in conducting interviews, fact-checking, and source verification;
  • the capacity to prioritise tasks, multitask, and work independently.
  • knowledge of social media platforms, content management systems, and digital tools.
  • shown capacity to complete tasks on time and accurately while maintaining quality
  • solid knowledge of defamation laws and media ethics.
  • knowledge of content management systems, social media interaction, and digital media platforms.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the capacity to establish rapport with colleagues and sources


2.1. Accreditation

2.2. A bachelor’s degree in accounting with a CGPA >2.5 from a reputable university, with a focus on banking and finance, cooperative accounting, accounting, and related fields.

2.3. Experience: A minimum of two years at the manager level and two six (6) years of documented work experience managing a credit portfolio

2.4. Addis Ababa (Awach SACCOS, Head Office) is the workplace.

2.5. Gender: Man or Woman

2.6. No. 1 (one) Requirement

2.7. Pay: In accordance with the SACCOS pay scale (ATTRACTIVE)


  • strong understanding of risk assessment, credit analysis, and lending principles
  • knowledge of Teminos T-24 loan origination software and redit scoring models.
  • outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Ability to focus on details and perform well under pressure
  • a track record of successfully managing credit portfolios and producing outcomes

3. Position Title: Follow-Up Credit Officer

3.1. Requirement: A bachelor’s degree in accounting with a CGPA from a reputable university in accounting, banking and finance, cooperative accounting, and related fields 2. Two(2) years of verifiable work experience comprise the required experience.

3.3. Workplace: Awach SACCOS, Head Office in Addis Abeba

3.4. Gender: Man or Female

3.5. Necessary Number 2 (Two)

3.6. Pay: In accordance with the SACCOS pay scale (ATTRACTIVE).


  • Strong track record of collecting or following up on credit.
  • solid understanding of credit and financial processes.
  • Superb written and verbal communication abilities. * Capable of rapport-building and successful negotiation.
  • adept at utilising Microsoft Office programmes.
  • both the capacity for meeting deadlines and meticulousness.
  • Executive Secretary is the job title.

4.1. Accreditation

with a COC and a diploma in secretarial science

4.2. Experience: Two (2) years of verifiable professional experience

4.3. Workplace: Awach SACCOS, Head Office in Addis Abeba

4.4. Gender: Female

4.5. Necessary Number 2 (Two)

4.6. Pay: In accordance with the SACCOS pay scale (ATTRACTIVE).


Good interpersonal and communication skills; the capacity to work efficiently under pressure without sacrificing attention to detail; and fluency in speaking, writing, and listening in Amharic and English.

Proven experience working as a Top level manager secretary.

*Strong knowledge of secretary ethics, standards, and principles.

Excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills with a keen eye for detail, with a strong command

of grammar and punctuation

Sound understanding of financial markets, cooperatives, and related industry topics.

• Ability to work independently, multitasks, and prioritizes assignments effectively.

Demonstrated ability to work under tight deadlines while maintaining accuracy and quality



* Please submit your resume (including your Grade 8 Certificate) and cover letter outlining your rel-

  • evant experience in person to the Human Resources Office, Head Office (At Abuare Agare Building.
  • Office Number 204).
  • Contact information of at least two professional references.
  • Interested applicants can submit their application, non-returnable CVs copies of degree and other
  • relevant testimonies (including your Grade 8 Certificate) and cover letter outlining your relevant ex
  • perience to Head office (Abuare Agare Building, office No 204) within 5 (Five) working days after
  • this vacancy announcement.



About AWACH Microfinance 

Awach SACCO is a savings and credit cooperative that was founded on July 13, 1999, E.C., in Arada Sub-city by the general manager and founder Mr. Zerihun Sheleme. It started off with 41 members. Awach became a serving financial institution within a few years of its founding, thanks to the founders’ shared ideals and long-term goal of promoting a culture of saving and loans providing in the community with a strong commitment and belongingness.


The legal personality certificate was first obtained from the Arada sub-city on March 13, 1999, E.C. Because of its growth, the Federal Cooperative Agency (FCA) reregistered it in 2009 under registration number AG/S/C/005/09.

Based on regulation No.018/2007, Awach has been certified as a competent SACCOS after receiving 81.65 points in the competence assessment.

Awach is the first SACCO in Ethiopia to have associate membership status in the African Cooperative Confederation of Saving and Credit Associations (ACCOSCA) and membership status in the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA).


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