Arsho Medical Laboratories PLC Addis Ababa

Arsho Medical Laboratories PLC Addis Ababa

Ethiopia’s first private medical laboratory is called Arsho Medical Laboratory. Its main goal is to provide affordable, high-quality diagnostic testing services. AML increases the number of its branches and updates its current procedures. Arsho Advanced Medical Laboratory has been accredited under ISO 15189.

Applications are being accepted for the following positions from qualified and motivated job seekers on behalf of Arsho Medical Laboratory PLC.

First position: Marketing Officer

Qualification for the Position: BA in Marketing or a Related Field

Work Experience: Three years or more of relevant experience, preferably in the health sector, in marketing and promotional services

Extra requirements: Effective communication, marketing, and promotion abilities

Workplace: Addis Ababa


Customer service representative in position two

Qualification for the Position: BA in Marketing or a Related Field

Work Experience: Relevant Customer Service Experience Extra Requirements: strong communication abilities

Workplace: Addis Ababa


Position 4: Executive Secretary 

Qualifications: Diploma or degree in Office Management, Secretarial Science, or similar fields

Work Experience: A minimum of five and a third years of relevant office management experience; additional requirements include strong communication and office management abilities.

Workplace: Addis Ababa

Closing date: 18 December 2023


How to Apply

Within seven days of this announcement, interested candidates must submit their applications, resumes, and non-returnable supporting documents to Arsho Medical Laboratories PlC. They may do so in person at Arat Kilo, which is located behind Arada Sub-City, at the front desk of the HR office, or by email at


About Arsho


Quality Policy Announcement

The management and staff at AML are fully committed to fulfilling the needs of our clients, including third-party recognition, regulatory organisations, and our company’s mission and vision. They are also acutely aware of the high quality services our clients expect, such as accurate, reliable, and timely laboratory test results.

AML provides services in accordance with ISO 15189, Medical Laboratories – Specific requirements for Quality and Competence, Regulatory Bodies and other standards, at all times. The Quality Management System that has been put in place allows AML staff members to share this policy statement, the methods for implementing quality policies, and their accountability.

In keeping with our promise to use quality as a platform to propel our business, quality is applied based on ongoing improvement. Ensuring system efficacy and efficiency through regular audits, inspection, management review, and participation in external assessments is a great way to uncover new opportunities and challenges.


Values To provide superior medical laboratory services to enhance patient care


Continuous improvement with a customer emphasis


· Arsho service to surpass client expectations and increase client happiness


· Assure service accessibility and affordability, and assume accountability for handling requests and complaints on an initial basis each and every time.


Accountability to Arsho Lab’s clients, backers, and members in general by:


· Ensuring high-quality service, cultivating a culture of excellence in performance, and offering secure working environments


• Helping driven Arsho Lab employees maximise their career development and strive to be a top business




Recognise each specimen as a component of the human being, cherish each member of the Arsho Lab family, and acknowledge our mutual dependency and support. Everyone should be treated equally and consistently.




· Professionalism, Uphold our principles of integrity and honesty, and manage our company with sound governance


Recognise our responsibilities towards the environment and society.




· To establish ourselves as “Arsho your dependable health partner” in the eyes of our patients and physicians.



To be the hub of excellence and to continue leading the country in offering top-notch medical diagnostic services both domestically and internationally



Our goal is to improve the country’s health through curative, preventative, monitoring, and public health decision-making. To that end, we offer easily accessible, reasonably priced, suitable, and equitable medical diagnostic services that produce accurate results as quickly as feasible.


Arsho Medical Laboratories continuously seeks to deliver value to our clients and assist physicians through effective administration, a dynamic information system, cutting-edge diagnostic quality, state-of-the-art medical laboratory equipment, and ongoing training.


We are aware of Ethiopia’s ongoing medical service expansion, and our goal is to create advanced, internationally accredited medical laboratories while expanding to greater heights and ranking nationwide.


Our Actions

The staff at Advanced Laboratory Services is committed to creating cutting-edge, novel tests, instruments, and solutions that will improve patient care, benefit our clients, and turn data into knowledge and insights. The choices individuals make to promote the health of their patients are supported and improved by our vital diagnostic information.


Top-notch research, cutting-edge technology, scientific, bioinformatics, and clinical knowledge support our institution. As part of our commitment to provide the best testing possible, we address your issue or request using a variety of tools, analytical approaches, and procedures.


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