Awash Melkassa Chemical Factory Vacancy

Awash Melkassa Chemical Factory Vacancy

The firm has changed its name from Awash Melkassa Aluminium Sulphate and Sulfuric Acid SC to Awash Melkassa Chemical Factory. The Awash Melkassa Chemical Factory, which is located 107 kilometres (km) east of Addis Ababa, primarily manufactures chemicals including hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid, and aluminium sulphate. The factory provides its goods to the water and sewage departments of the cities, who utilise them to purify the city’s drinking water.

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Chemical Industry Corporation for Awash Melkasa Chemical Factory is the name of the organisation.

Government is the type of organisation.

Location: Awash Melkasa, Addis Abeba

Total number of candidates: 21

Job Dated: September 10, 2023

Type of Work: Full-Time

Chemical Industry Corporation for Awash Melkasa Chemical Factory wishes to invite qualified candidates for the following positions.

Number of positions required: 21

  • 0 to 10 years of work experience

Applied Chemistry, Environmental Protection, Accounting and Finance, General Mechanics, Electric, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Brics cyning (plastering), Building work, Auto Mechanics, Auto Electricians, Marketing, Management Economics, Chemical Engineering, Business Management, Economics, Sales, Procurement and supply management, Supply and Material Management, or another related field of study is required.




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