Enkutatash Lottery 2016 Winning Numbers National Lottery Ethiopia

Enkutatash Lottery 2016 Winning Numbers National Lottery Ethiopia

First of all, Happy New Year 2016.
The much-awaited Kegetash Lottery on Friday, September 12, 2023, was released to the public at noon at the National Lottery Administration Opportunity Hall. Accordingly, the winning lottery numbers are as follows.

1st. 1st lot number 1820259, which earns 20,000,000 Birr

2nd. Lot number 1656546 of the 2nd lot which earns 10,000,000 Birr

3rd. Lot number 2118779 of the 3rd lot which earns 5,000,000 Birr

4th. 4th lot number 0865504, which earns 3,000,000 Birr

5th. Lot number 1020830 of the 5th lot which earns 2,000,000 Birr

6th. Lot number 1317686 of the 6th lot which earns 1,000,000 Birr

7th. 7th lot number 1903473, which earns 500,000 Birr

8th. 22 lots of 20,000 Birr each, lot number 450,000

9th. 22 lots of 10,000 Birr each, lot number 231,000

10th. 22 lots of 5,000 Birr each, lot number 121,000

11th. Lot number 8326, 200 lots each worth Birr 2,000

12th. Lot number 2843, 200 lots each worth Birr 1,000

13th. 2,000 lots, lot number 022, which earns 500 Birr each

14th. 20,000 lots of 300 Birr each, lot number 42

15th. There are 200,000 lots, each of which is worth 100 Birr.

Winner’s  list 2022/23

The administration congratulates the lucky winners. You can access the directory by logging into our Facebook page National Lottery Administration /Ethiopia/ and share the directory with your friends. Thank you!

Mr. Teshome Maldemikael, a resident of Addis Abeba’s Kolfe Karanio, was awarded 6 million birr in the first lot/three tickets/ of the Easter lottery ticket issued on April 7, 2015.
Ato Teshome w/Michael is a married man with one child who supports his family by working as a hired ride driver. He told us that he would use the money to buy his car and transition from employee to owner.

Mr. Gashaw Chekol Warku, an Akaqi Kaliti resident, won 4,000,000/four million Birr in the first draw of the Easter lottery ticket on April 7, 2015.

Mr. Gashaw Chekol is a truck driver who told us he plans to use the money to buy a house.

On May 8, 2015, Abdullah Ali Ahmed, a resident of Addis Abeba’s warehouse district, was awarded Birr 3,000,000/ three million/ in the first draw of the 10th round of Horizon Digital Lottery.

Abdullah Ali, a young man engaged in private business in the Mercato area, spoke to us in a cheerful tone, saying that the money would help him expand his business. To be one of the lucky ones, send any letter to 605 or dial *127# today and you could win 3 million Birr.


Salomon Yohannes, a former army member and retired fifty chief resident of Debrebarhan, won the second lot of the special lottery for 1,200,000 Birr (one million two hundred thousand).

Enoch Asefa, a young man from Debremarkos, plays the lottery regularly. The 2015 Easter Lottery will be cut and kept, as is customary, so the person who cut the ticket will forget where he left it and will not see it for months. Months later, the ticket was discovered, and when I saw it, the National Lottery administration came and took over the money that had made him lucky, confirming that he had won 2,500,000 birr. When asked what he planned to do with the money, he stated that he was tired of paying rent and that he would buy a house.



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