Belayneh Kindie Net Worth

Belayneh Kindie Net Worth

With only 111,000 USD or 3,000,000 ETB as initial money, Belayneh Kindie started Belayneh Kindie Import and Export (BKIE) in 2005, marking the beginning of his ascent to prosperity.

By 2010, BKIE had grown to be the biggest exporter of sesame seeds in Ethiopia, having previously focused mostly on the export of oil seeds and related goods.

By concentrating his efforts on rigorous credit controls, competent administration, and staff development, BKIE quickly started to grow into a number of other industries.

In 2006, Belayneh ventured into the transportation industry by founding Belayneh Kindie Private Transport, which had six 40-ton trucks. This firm currently has more than a hundred.

In 2008, Belayneh’s import and export operations were strengthened and expanded with the establishment of Gerelta Business Plc.

When Belayneh paid 134,000,000 ETB, or 5,000,000 USD, for the renowned Ethiopia Hotel in Addis Ababa and the well-liked Ras Hotel in Adama/Nazreth in 2009, his assets skyrocketed.

Belayneh, which is always trying to expand, would pay an additional 600,000,000 ETB, or 23,000,000 USD, to purchase a 40,000 square metre parcel of land in Bahir Dar on which to build a five-star hotel and resort.

Belayneh would spend an additional 1,200,000,000 ETB, or 45,000,000 USD, on a 30-hectare parcel of land in the Amhara area in order to construct an edible oil refinery facility.

Being a significant stakeholder in Tsehay Industry and Tsehay Insurance Share Company, Belayneh would possess extensive authority over Ethiopia’s production of LTZ, sheet metal, and related products.

Belayneh expanded even further by turning to Ethiopia’s burgeoning construction sector. He bought 10 dump trucks, 4 bulldozers, 3 excavators, 2 graders, 3 mixers, and a crusher that he leases out.

By 2015, Belayneh would make its first purchase of 250 hectares of land for the production of coffee, sesame, and other crops for 25,000,000 ETB, or one million US dollars.

The administration of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples would add 1,500 hectares of extra territory to this area.

All things considered, one of the wealthiest and most successful billionaires in Ethiopia, Belayneh Kindie, is a business titan with profitable ventures in manufacturing, hotels, transportation, import/export, renting, and agricultural, among other industries.



Belayneh Kindie Group BKG

Thirty Years of Business Experience
Formally founded in 2005, Belayneh Kindie firm (BKG) is a new, rapidly expanding commercial and investment firm. The Group is led by its Forbes highlighted founder and board chairperson, Belayneh Kindie Mekonnen, who is innovative, vivacious, and resilient. Belayneh Kindie began his business career 29 years ago, trading butter and honey with less than $1,000 in capital. In less than three decades, he rose to prominence and assumed a prominent role in Ethiopia’s manufacturing and export industries, two crucial economic sectors.



Marie Stopes International

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  1. Eligibility Conditions

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Two years or more in field B. Attributes, Skills, and Attitudes

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