Sales Jobs in Addis Ababa

Sales Jobs in Addis Ababa

The following open job at Kabba Holding Company is open to suitable candidates:

Role: Senior and junior sales representatives

Number of requirements: 400


Workplace Prerequisites




Qualifications for Education


Twelve graduates or more with Relevant Work Experience


Work experience is not required.

Additional Conditions


Capacity to persuade Client Capability to execute Collective Agreement Outstanding aptitude at keeping precise customer records

Proficiency in both written and effective communication; teamwork abilities.

How to Utilise

Within 10 (ten) working days of the announcement date, interested candidates must send their application to together with their complete CV and any other supporting documentation.


Kabba Holding Company


For further details, call 0908424637.






The visionary businesswoman Btelhem Tadesse Yimam was the CEO of several separate companies. She needed to establish a single, overarching, regulating, and directorial body to oversee and manage these businesses, which is how Kabba Holding Company, a holding company, was born in 021.

Kabba Holding oversees businesses with varying service offerings and geographic scopes. These businesses mostly work in manufacturing, agricultural, professional cleaning, pest control and fumigation services, travel and visa consulting, tour and travel, and educational consulting. Today, Kabba Holding Company provides for the lives of more than 120 workers and fulfils its social obligation by adhering to its obligations and making large financial contributions to the government.


Aimultra Education Consulting
This is an education consulting firm that specialises in finding scholarship options for prospective students hoping to further their studies at esteemed domestic and international universities. Such applicants get assistance from Aimultra in fulfilling prerequisites and obtaining letters of recommendation from their preferred colleges.

The Hidar Expert Cleaning System
At Hidar, we believe that cleanliness is the next best thing after godliness. We provide expert cleaning services. Modern cleaning technology combined with trained human labour makes it. Hidar Professional Cleaning Services are a top option for domestic businesses, hotels, restaurants, embassies, and local and foreign institutions.

Pesticide Control Services Pesco
One such business is Pesco Pest Management, which offers a range of services such as integrated pest management systems, physical, biological, and chemical pest control, as well as post-harvest and pre-harvest pest management, domestic and residential pest control, and disinfection services. Pesco Pest Management was founded on August 16, 2015, E.C., with a 4,000,000 ETB capital.

Trade and Investment in Ethiopia
When EthioAirs was founded, it unified a number of service provider departments under its main roof, including event planning, travel and tour consulting, scholarship facilitation, and fumigation services. The business concept of EthiopiaAirs is similar to a collection of cooperative businesses. The storage pest treatment service is one of these businesses. The approach for offering pest control services is based on an investigation of issues with Ethiopia’s storage pest management system.

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