Ethiopian National Lottery Winning Numbers 2016

Ethiopian National Lottery Winning Numbers 2016

The Admas Digital Lottery Prize has increased!
Based on the opinion of blood donors, the first lot will be 4 million Birr, the second lot will be 2 million Birr, and the third will be 1 million Birr. From June 24, 2015, try your luck by sending any letter to 605 for 10 Birr or calling *127#.
New Horizon Digital Lottery Lottery List:-

  1. 1st lot 4,000,000 Birr
  2. 2nd Lot 2,000,000 Birr
  3. 3rd lot 1,000,000 Birr
  4. 4th lot 700,000 Birr
  5. 5th lot 350,000 Birr
  6. 6th lot 250,000 Birr
  7. 7th lot 175,000 Birr
  8. 8th lot 100,000 Birr
  9. 9th lot 75,000 Birr
  10. 10th lot 50,000 Birr

Good Luck!
Presented by the National Lottery Administration in collaboration with Ethio Telecom


2,500,000 Birr after repeated mukara!

A young man called Enoch Asefa lives in Debremarkos city and tries the lottery again and again. As usual, the 2015 Easter Lottery will be cut and kept, so the person who cut the ticket will forget where he left it and have not seen it for months. Months later, the ticket was found and when I saw it, the National Lottery administration came and took over the money that made him lucky, confirming that he was the lucky winner of 2,500,000 birr. When asked what he intended to do with the money, he said that he was complaining about the rent and that he would buy a house.

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