Financial Security Services Ethiopia Vacancy

Financial Security Services Ethiopia Vacancy


  • The National Anti-Corruption Committee announced the arrest of officials suspected of corruption or theft, including Tewodros Bekelen, Director General of the Federal Financial Security Service.
  • The newly formed National Anti-Corruption Committee issued a statement today announcing the official start of its work.
  • The committee announced in a statement that officials suspected of corruption or theft had been arrested, including the director general of the Financial Security Service, Tewodros Bekelen.
  • Furthermore, it was stated that officials serving in various capacities within the National Security Service were arrested on suspicion of corruption.
  • Individuals were arrested for stealing money and property from people and organisations by abusing their positions.
  • Individuals who have engaged in false corruption, posing as children who are not the children of farmers, have been identified in Addis Abeba.
  • The suspects who allegedly embezzled 175,000 square metres of land and condominium houses while using their power in the justice sector to work with individuals and commercial institutions have been identified.
  • According to the statement, more than 250 suggestions were collected from the public within one week of the National Committee’s formation.
  • The committee also urged society to strengthen its recommendations for exposing the corrupt.


• Following the Italian invasion in 1935, Ethiopia built its first intelligence and security institution.

• Proclamation Number 6/1934 established the General Security Department under the Ministry of Governor in 1935.

• Lieutenant Workneh Gebeyehu commanded the Security and Intelligence Institution from 1935 to 1953.


• It was divided into two sections in 1955: national security and Emperor Haile Selassie’s Special Cabinet.


• From the attempted coup in 1955 until 1966, the security and intelligence institutions were under the control of the Emperor’s Special Cabinet.


• Mr. Solomon Kedir led the Emperor’s Special Cabinet from 1935 to 1966.


• By decree number 10/1966, the Military Derg re-established the security office under the name Committee for People’s Security and Peace.


• In August 1972, it was institutionalised as the Ministry of Security Protection for the Country and the People.


• Following the creation of Ethiopia’s People Democratic Republic in 1980, it was renamed the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


• Colonel Tesfaye Woldesilassie was a Ministerial leader from 1966 to 1983.


• When the EPRDF took control in 1983, the office of Security and Intelligence was rendered ineffective.


• From 1983 to 1987, it was part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, commanded by Mr. Kuma Demeksa.


• It was re-established by proclamation number 6/1987 under the Office of the Prime Minister from 1987 to 1995 under the name Authority for Security, Immigration, and Refugees Affair.


• It was led by Ato Kinfe G/Medhin from 1987 to 1993.


• It was led by Getachew Asseffa from 1993 until 2010.


• It was re-established in 2005 under Proclamation No. 804/2005 and renamed the National Intelligence and Security Service.


• From June 2010 to June 2011, General Adem Mohammed served as the Director General of NISS.


• Commissioner Demelash G/Michael is the current Director General of NISS.






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