A sponsored program, the Knight Science Journalism Fellowship Programme (KSJ) is available annually in the United States. For students who want to study a combination of fields like science, technology, and journalism, this is a great opportunity. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from and gain experience from globally renowned universities. Ten students living in various nations will receive Knight Science Journalism fellowships. This research-based program will run for nineteen months in the United States.

International students will labor on a research project specifically about journalism. For those who wish to succeed in the field of journalism, this is a fantastic platform. To conduct research and gather data from various sources, participants in the KSJ Fellowship Programme will employ their skills, which will strengthen their data collection. Regarding their research projects, they will have various options for presenting theoretical frameworks, videos, recordings, and presentations. These various methods will assist foreign students in discovering new facets of science while investigating existing ones.

Research experts will oversee the KSJ Fellowship Programme and periodically guide the students. Participants in this fellowship program are required to deliver an oral presentation on their research projects upon program completion. A further feather in your cap will come from selected research projects being published later on as research articles or in journals. Social events will be held during the program to allow students to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds.


Not only will this paid fellowship cover formal academic research, but it will also set up fascinating field trips for the participants. The goal of this program is to use workshops to teach students new technical skills. They will gain practical experience in various media-related skills, such as digital interviewing, photo editing, videography, and systematic data reporting. To help participants get the most out of their research experiences, the schedule also includes seminars and sessions led by well-known media experts.

The USA’s KSJ Fellowship Programme for 2024:

Country of Host:

• United States

The host university

• Cambridge Knight Science Journalism

Fellowship Site:

• Boston

Program Schedule:


• Mid-August to May 2025 KSJ US Fellowship Programme Benefits:


• A total stipend of $85,000 for 9.5 months


• Allowance for relocation


• Access to health insurance for participants and their relatives


Qualifications for the 2024 KSJ Fellowship Programme:


• Only full-time journalists are eligible to apply; applicants must have at least three years of experience in journalism, science, or health; applicants must be media writers, journalists, film producers, or media correspondents; Participants should not have attended any four-month fellowship program within the previous two years.

Application procedures for the 2024 KSJ Fellowship Programme:

• Register by making a free Submittable account;

• Complete the online application;

• Attach all necessary documentation

Apps that are only partially completed will not be accepted.

Documents Needed for the 2024 KSJ Programme:

• Write a 500-word explanation of why you are participating in this program.

• A resume that includes dates, work history, educational background, and information about honors and awards

• Five examples of your prior work;

• An outline of the research project you plan to complete for this program;

• Three recommendation letters with the full names and contact information of the recommenders

The 2024 KSJ Programme has the following requirements: after enrolling, participants must: obtain a passport from the U.S. State Department; remain in Boston for 9.5 months; participate in all social and academic activities; choose at least one science course each semester; refrain from accepting paid research work from anyone; and finish the chosen research project within the program’s allotted time.

The KSJ Fellowship Programme The deadline is: January 15, 2024 is the deadline for applications to the Knight Science Journalism Fellowship programe.


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