Grade 12 Entrance Exam 2023 Ethiopia Result

Grade 12 Entrance Exam 2023 Ethiopia Result

“Private higher education institutions must inform the education and training authority of the students they have registered in advance” – Ministry of Education


The unit reported that the Ministry of Education has announced that private higher education institutions can provide 12th grade improvement education.


It is known that more than 95 percent of the students who took the entrance exam for the 12th grade this year scored less than 50 percent.


Among the students who scored less than 50%, it was determined that they will enter higher education institutions and take remedial education for 4 months. In addition to government higher education institutions, they can also take remedial education in private higher education institutions.


The Ministry of Education has announced the cut-off point for remedial education, and private higher education institutions that want to provide remedial education can accept and teach students accordingly, but they must first inform the Education and Training Authority of the students they enroll.


In addition, he pointed out that a capacity improvement remedial education curriculum prepared by higher education institutions designated as centers of excellence has been prepared and sent to all public and private higher education institutions.


In addition, the teaching document summarizes the education for the students from the 9th to the 12th grade, and they indicated in their promise to the unit that all educational institutions should be able to teach using this.

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