New Driver Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023

New Driver Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023


Interested applicants are encouraged to apply by sending their application letter, CV, and all other required credentials to the email address listed below, with the position they are applying for in the subject line. within five days of the vacancy announcement, they must provide a non-returnable copy of their documents.

Registration location: Head office

Dates of registration: 11/09/2023-16/09/2023 GC

Phone: +251930564391/ +251940532226 Email: Address: Bulgaria area next to Total Fuel Station Diplomat Building 3rd floor Phone: +251930564391/ +251940532226



PLC for Fahem General Trading.

Fahem General Trading PLC was founded in 2006 in the Jimma Zone of the Oromia Region and offers a broad range of products in addition to coffee. Since its inception, the firm has been actively engaged in the coffee industry, providing a significant percentage to the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX).


The firm provides services to the veterinary and agricultural industries in addition to its coffee plantation farm, Fahem Coffee, which is situated in the same region. The farm has a staggering 200 hectares, of which 185 are used for the precise coffee growing. Grevilia trees have been meticulously planted on the remaining 15 hectares, promoting environmental sustainability.


The Jimma Zone, the birthplace of coffee, is represented by Fahem General Trading PLC, which takes pleasure in selling traceable, sustainable, and premium-quality coffee to markets across the world. Agrochemicals and veterinary medications are also provided by the business, giving farmers and veterinarians in the area crucial assistance and answers.


Fahem General Trading PLC demonstrates its dedication to excellence via its extensive offers, which also help to advance the region’s agricultural and coffee industries. The company’s commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in all of its many product lines, helping to establish Fahem as a reliable partner in the international market.

Coffee Plantation in Fahem

Fahem Coffee Plantation was established in 2006 in the city of Mana Wereda Yebu in the Jimma Zone of Oromia. has a 5 million birr capital. Fahem begins operations in commercial coffee exporting before entering the investment market in May 2008 and purchasing its first 200 hectors of land for a coffee plantation in the Oromia Region’s Jimma zone Limmu seqa District.

Veterinary Fahem Medicine

Fahem Veterinary Medicine is the main supplier of veterinary medicines to Ethiopia. Fahem Veterinary Medicine was established with the goal of becoming Ethiopia’s top importer of animal medications to support the industry’s fast expansion and demanding requirements. In recent years, Fahem Veterinary Medicine has become the most effective and efficient veterinary treatment available. Fahem Veterinary has been introduced and launched in several Ethiopian areas, including Oromiya, Amara, Afar, and South Ethiopia.

In the year 2021, Fahem Agro Chemical started its marketing journey with a product named famphosate. started selling Then, in order to meet the rising needs of our farmers, fahem Agro Chemicals increased its product range.


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