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Concerning GOAL
The goal of GOAL is to assist the most vulnerable communities in developing transcendent solutions to reduce poverty and vulnerability, as well as to help them respond to and recover from humanitarian crises.
For more than 30 years, GOAL, a non-profit organization, has worked throughout Ethiopia’s entire region to guarantee that the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people, as well as those impacted by humanitarian crises, have access to the necessities of life, such as sufficient housing, food and livelihoods, clean water, and sanitation, nutrition, healthcare, and education. GOAL is a multi-sectoral development, resilience, recovery, and humanitarian responses program implementer that pays close attention to cross-cutting issues such as child protection, gender, accountability, and HIV/AIDS.

In this world, poverty will vanish, vulnerable communities will be resilient, obstacles to well-being will be eliminated, and everyone will have equal access to opportunities and rights. GOAL Irish Aid, USAID/OFDA, EHF, ECHO, and other private donors are the primary sources of funding for Ethiopia.


Overarching Goal of the Position


The driver will be in charge of operating GOAL Ethiopia vehicles on weekends, in the evenings, on public holidays, and occasionally early in the morning (5:00 a.m.), as needed. By GOAL Ethiopia’s driving policy manuals, the driver is in charge of keeping the designated vehicle clean, driving safely, and providing for the needs of the passengers. Additionally, s/he is expected to follow the organization’s one vehicle, one driver policy.

Important Accountability and Duty Domains

Major Tasks/Duties list

• Use the GOAL Ethiopia vehicle on the weekends, in the evenings, on public holidays, and occasionally in the early morning starting at 5:00 a.m., depending on the situation.

• The driver’s hours of work are as follows: airport drop from 5:00 am to 8:00 am; weekends and public holidays from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm; and evening hours from 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

• Depending on the situation, drivers may be assigned to fill in for missing drivers during the workday.

• To fill in for other drivers while they are on leave, the driver may be assigned to field support.

• Follows the Senior Fleet Officer’s schedule, operating GOAL Ethiopia’s vehicles economically and safely.

• Ensures that all passengers wearing GOAL/ET’s vehicle seatbelts receive the necessary attention. Provides the necessary care for passengers and goods (checks and receives items) to be transported.

• Assist GOAL employees and guests with moving goods and people, including loading and unloading GOAL vehicles as needed.

• Adhere to the posted speed limits and drive within GOAL, as well as any local traffic laws.

Refrain from accepting unidentified passengers in GOAL vehicles, especially those who are armed, dressed in military garb, or connected to any ongoing conflicts.

Before driving off, fill up the car with petrol and check the levels of oil and lubricant; make sure all paperwork is in order and the glove box; make sure the jack is in working order; A basic toolbox, first aid kit, wench control and torch (with batteries) should all be in the car. You should also check the condition of the spare tire.

Make sure that vehicles are never used for personal purposes without senior managers’ consent.

Renews one’s own driver’s license on time.

carrying out small maintenance and repairs

  • Remind your immediate supervisor of the expected date of services and follow up to ensure that vehicle services for A, B, C, and D types are completed on schedule.
  • Comprehend the fundamental functions and upkeep necessities of GOAL automobiles to ensure safe operation.
  • Daily routine inspections of vehicles are carried out, and damage and service history are reported as needed.
  • Before operating the vehicle, make sure all warning and safety instruments are in working order and make any necessary corrections.
  • Makes certain that cars are consistently clean.
  • Verifies that all required equipment, including screwdrivers, tire range, and jacks with handles, as well as first aid kits, are present and functional.
  • Replace and clean air filters, check and adjust tire pressure as needed, and replace and adjust the A/C fan belt.

Report compilation and other tasks

  • Make sure the vehicle is fully charged at every petrol station, and record the consumption on the log sheet as soon as it is.
  • Completes log books or sheets for each trip by GOAL policy; ensures that passengers sign log sheets and turn them in at the end of each week.
  • Informs the supervisor right away of any damage or malfunctions to the vehicle.
  • Any changes to the schedule, deviations from the intended route of travel, or movement of any vehicle from the office should be reported to the Senior Fleet Officer or their designee.
  • Notify the main GOAL office of any impending or actual threat to the safety of GOAL employees or property as a result of riots, roadblocks, armed individuals seizing vehicles, shooting, etc. to warn staff.
  • Notifies the insurance company, the supervisor, the police, and any other appropriate government agency of any accidents right away. Make sure you fill out all necessary forms by GOAL policy.
  • Adheres to all relevant GOAL and Road Transport Authority policies and procedures.
  • Make sure that the fuel receipt or top-up is sent to the supervisor right away after topping up.
  • Steer clear of packing suspicious items, luggage, or other loads into your car.
  • Exercises caution and makes economical use of the GOAL property, such as fuel, lubricants, etc.
  • As needed, offering errand and limousine services.
  • Execute additional logistical tasks upon request.
  • After refueling and at the end of the day, record your trip with mileage and location in a trip log.
  • Report progress regularly via your mobile device.
  • Report any security-related or other incidents after your trip (or, if significant, while traveling).
  • No unapproved passengers are in the car without the CD/ACD’s consent. Before beginning the trip, confirm that the authorized passenger has signed the Non-Liability Document.

Notify the area coordinator or line manager right away of any accidents, including the type of incident, any injured parties, any vehicle damage, and any other pertinent information (time, location, etc.). Complete the Accident Report completely with the Line Manager for each incident.


Administrative and General

• Record every journey in the daily vehicle movement logbook or blackboard movement schedule.

• Check the inventory of vehicles by the vehicle checklist.

• Cars that must be returned to the GOAL compound by the end of the journey by the driving deadline.

Keep your driver’s license up to date.

• Notify the assistant or logistics officer at least two weeks in advance of any requested leaves of absence.

Adhere to the guidelines and protocols for the GOAL Driver Policy.

Always be aware of GOAL’s reputation.

It is forbidden to use drugs or alcohol while at work or to report for duty while impaired by any of the aforementioned substances. No alcohol was consumed in the eight hours before reporting for duty.

In charge of completing timesheets and obtaining prior authorization for overtime.

Make sure the team leader signs each journey as you complete the logbook for each one every day.

Shipping of Products

• Sign the delivery docket and packing list for the items being transported.

• Obtain the consignee’s signature on the delivery docket and packing list upon delivery.

• Return signed Delivery Dockets/Packing Lists to the Assistant, Storekeeper, or Logistics Officer.

Collaborate with the security personnel to maintain precise documentation regarding vehicle movements and delivered stock.

Additional Tasks

• Work well with all employees and cultivate a positive working relationship with them; always perform tasks responsibly and professionally conduct yourself.

• Report any issues or challenges to the Logistics Officer/Assistant.

• Complete any additional tasks that your line manager assigns you.

Workplace Prerequisites


Would you like to work for a dynamic company that enhances your professional development while having a significant positive impact on the community? So come on over if you have:

• Qualification: Driver’s or mechanic’s certificate

• Three years of driving experience in an INGO

• Fundamental understanding of mechanics

• Experience in staff management and strong interpersonal abilities

• A valid driver’s license for the appropriate class of car

• A background in 4×4 driving.

• Be able to operate a winch.

• Able to work flexibly, including on the weekends, willing to go to far-flung places and camp there, and prepared to work and travel in rural areas while subsisting in modest accommodations.

• Knowledge of the nature of the program and willingness to travel to and reside at a field site,

• Excellent understanding and implementation of driving, road transport, and traffic laws both nationally and within organizations

• Flexible and team-oriented; eager to take the lead when necessary.

• Strict, well-prepared, truthful, alert, driven, diligent, accountable, and responsive

Desired level of competence, skill, and quality

• General mechanics experience is an added benefit.

• Fluency in the English language.

• Fluent in the language of the area.

• Local familiarity and background.


• Competitive base pay based on salary grading will be provided by GOAL, along with additional benefits.

• An opportunity to gain real-world experience.

• Being a member of a group that still significantly improves the lives of the most defenseless individuals.


The recruitment process at GOAL is equitable and open, consistent with the company’s dedication to honesty, integrity, and culture. GOAL is dedicated to making sure that its actions adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and the terms and conditions of pertinent agreements. Pre-employment background checks will therefore be carried out. Staff members will be expected to read, comprehend, sign, and adhere to various policies, such as the codes of conduct, sexual harassment policy, protection from sexual exploitation and abuse policy, safeguarding and child protection policy, and any other policies, rules, and regulations of the company. The mission of GOAL is to protect people from sexual abuse, exploitation, and harassment (PSEAH). It is expected of staff members, partners, and others involved in GOAL work to uphold GO’L’s PSEAH Policy and make moral choices that safeguard individuals, especially children and vulnerable adults, from sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment.

How to Apply

  • For a single position, interested and qualified candidates must only submit one non-refundable application and resume. The application letter must include the title, duty station, and vacancy reference number.
  • Candidates can apply directly at
  • Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply by GOAL!
  • Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted for an exam and interview.
  • Candidates who made the shortlist will later be required to provide more supporting documentation upon request.
  • GOAL is unable to reimburse candidates for any expenses they may have incurred throughout the hiring process.


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