Admas Lottery Ethiopia 2016 Winning Numbers Today

Admas Lottery Ethiopia 2016 Winning Numbers Today

The National Lottery Administration (NLA) and the state-owned telecom provider Ethio telecom inked a deal Wednesday to introduce the Admas digital lottery.


CEO of Ethiopian Telecom Frehiwot Tamiru said that the company is working to achieve the goal of digitising Ethiopia during yesterday’s signing event.



Ethio telecom’s attempts to encourage digitalizing services include the creation of a digital lottery via telebirr and short SMS services, she added. As a result, the arrangement will significantly benefit the NLA in terms of time savings, improved accessibility, and lower printing costs.


She went on to say that Ethiopian Telecom would keep working in collaboration with other public and commercial entities to promote the nation’s digitization process. NLA Director General Geremew Garje said that the deal contributes to the modernization of the organization’s services and growth in clientele. As a result, it is anticipated that the lottery service would become entirely digital in the future to make transactions simpler.


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