Amhara Bank Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023

Amhara Bank Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023

Amhara Bank S.C. is a very new company in the business world, but it has been moving forward aggressively ever since it entered the financial industry, employing more than 4,800 motivated staff members, inspiring managers, and operating more than 277 branches to fulfill its mission of “to be the leading and game-changing Bank in Africa.”

Amhara Bank was founded by more than 141 thousand members with 4.8 billion paid up and 6.5 billion subscribed capital, making it the most influential and powerful bank in Ethiopia.


After receiving a business operation license from the National Bank of Ethiopia, Amhara Bank began operating formally on June 18, 2023. This date was significant because numerous enormous projects were launched at once, including the opening of 72 full-fledged branches that were all connected by a cutting-edge core banking system, Interest Free Banking, and ATMs, to name a few.


The Bank is supported by a solid leadership structure that ensures its successful future. Its board of directors is made up of 12 highly renowned businesspeople and academicians, and its management staff is nimble.


Amhara Bank currently offers top-notch financial services via its 272+ locations, custom-built cutting-edge mobile banking software, and USSD-based mobile banking. Additionally, the bank has given more than 5,000 experienced and bright workers job chances.


The Bank would like to invite qualified and competent candidates to apply for the following open positions.


Grade – I Position: Branch Manager


BA in Banking and Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Management, or a related field is required.


Experience: 7 years of relevant banking industry experience, including 1 year as an Assistant Branch Manager/CSM or Relationship Manager.


7 (seven) years of relevant banking experience, including at least two (2) years as a Senior Officer in Banking Operations.


Job Purpose: To achieve long-term growth and profitability for the bank by cross-selling the bank’s products and services; acquiring and retaining customers, improving customer service, developing strong customer relationships to maximize resource mobilisation efforts, and managing overall retail banking operations at the assigned branch.

Functions that are generic:

  • Prepare/review the branch’s work plans/budgets and oversee their implementation;
  • Embody the bank’s positive culture and corporate image;
  • Demonstrate the Bank’s code of conduct, ensure that subordinates follow it, and manage disciplinary issues;
  • Provide services by the service level agreement, as well as follow-up and monitoring of subordinates;
  • Contribute to the bank’s profitability by the goals set;
  • Subordinates should be mentored and coached for effective career development.
Specific Purposes:

Plan and lead the enhancement of the branch’s resource mobilization activity by organizing

as well as effectively coordinating the branch’s workforce

Engage in aggressive marketing and promotional activities by communicating with customers about the bank’s products and services;

Ensure the expansion and growth of the customer base, as well as the development of strategies to expand business opportunities and improve the branch’s profitability.

Check to see if the branch’s books of accounts are in order. examine your income and expenses

summary branch accounts and strict follow-up on controllable expenses

Ensure that transactions are immediately authorized and that end-of-business-cycle processes are completed on time.

Workplaces include Torhayiloch, Arba Minch (Secha), and Sost kuter Mazoria.

Date Posted: September 14, 2023

The deadline is September 18, 2023.

How to Apply :

Employees who meet the above requirements are encouraged to apply within five (5) days, from September 14, 2023, to September 18, 2023.

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