Private School Teaching Job Vacancy in Addis Ababa

Private School Teaching Job Vacancy in Addis Ababa

A program called Teach for Ethiopia Fellowship
Teach For Ethiopia will identify and organize a two-year teaching fellowship for the most talented recent college graduates in Ethiopia. Before being assigned to instruct and mentor students in underserved areas around Ethiopia, they will go through a rigorous training program in leadership and learner-centered teaching approaches.

Teach For Ethiopia graduates will build a strong network that will strive for systemic change for the rest of their lives to secure educational parity for all Ethiopian children. They will be equipped with the information, skills, and experiences necessary to drive change and raise attainments in their classrooms. Alumni of the two-year fellowship are anticipated to be prepared to take courageous measures in their communities. We anticipate that the majority of our fellows will remain employed in the field of education as teachers, school administrators, education advocates, political figures, policymakers, and businesspeople. Their experiences in the classroom have shaped and informed their views on education policy and activism.

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