Buna Bank Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023

Buna Bank Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023

About Buna Bank

Much like its tagline, Bunna Bank, the bank of visionaries, was created to fit in with the neighbourhood where people never stop thinking and forming their own visions. In accordance with Proclamation No. 59 on the licencing and supervision of banking activities, the bank acquired its licence from the National Bank of Ethiopia on June 25, 2009. In Ethiopia’s financial history, we are a third-generation banking firm that is expanding quickly.


It was established with a paid-up capital of 156 million Birr and a subscribed capital of 308 million Birr. However, the bank is now one of Ethiopia’s most powerful and widely traded private banks thanks to a rise in paid-up capital to over Birr 3.3 billion and an increase in shareholder numbers to over 13,024 people. A single shareholder may possess no more than 2% of the total paid-up capital and there are now more than 13,000 shareholders.


For the previous 13 years, it has achieved considerably better success, and it will continue on this prosperous path as time passes. The secret to this ongoing and sustainable expansion lies in the effective fusion of Bunna Bank’s visionary implementer and the bank’s key beliefs.


The chairman and vice chairperson of the board of directors have decades of combined expertise, and the board is structured according to a formula. They are also joined by a number of directors who have advanced academic degrees in accounting and finance. This is made possible by the directors’ and technical managers’ organisational and structural effectiveness. The expertise and experience that our top-tier staff brings to the table guarantees that the bank’s operations are handled with care. It is fundamental to how we uphold our principles, fulfil our mission, and achieve responsible development.  The board, management, and whole staff are always learning what is most important to our customers and shareholders. It aids in launching a discussion centred on our determination to use our skills to further the success of people we serve.  Because we understand that we can only succeed if the people, businesses, communities, and workers we serve can realise their aspirations for success.



Modern information technology is used by our bank to provide clients value-added services. Infosys Finacle provides the platform’s Core Banking, Relationship Management, and Straight Through Processing functionalities. In order to make it simpler for customers to contact them at any time, from any place, and using technical tools suited for the banking business, we conduct a number of ICT projects that take into consideration the day-to-day banking interests of our customers. These include online banking, ATM, and mobile phone banking services, which provide our clients access to their accounts 365 days a year. Additionally, Bunna Bank wants to enhance the national, international, and organisational business communications infrastructure. The bank belongs to both the Ethiopian Credit Reference Bureau (ECRB) and the Ethiopian Automated Transfer System (EATS). The company has a large number of worldwide partners and agents, and its technology-focused services guarantee consumer pleasure.


Our Banking System


We do have five districts, four area offices, and +451 branches, which are spread across Ethiopia’s key financial transaction locations and are growing every day. Most of our websites are designed to provide the best standards of comfort, convenience, and aesthetics along with expert assistance. include a free contact centre with 24/7 customer service at 8501.


Bunna Bank is looking for qualified and enthusiastic candidates for the following positions.

Job Description for Position 1: Office Administration

Letters, forms, and documents are processed, typed, edited, and formatted. Interacting with internal departments as well as customers.

  • Excellent written and oral communication abilities.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Excellent time management abilities
  • Managing calls and emails to specific departments.
  • Greet customers and visitors with a friendly, helpful attitude.
  • Assisting with a wide range of administrative tasks
  • Answering the phone professionally and routing calls as needed.

Female applicants are encouraged to apply.


A bachelor’s degree in secretarial science and office management, management, or a related field is required.

Work History:

Work experience in a secretarial position for two (2) years

Addis Abeba Office Administration Application Form

Position 2: Hermata Branch Customer Service Officer-I

Position Description

  • When disclosing balances or issuing documents, takes the necessary precautions.
  • Tickets and negotiable instruments are checked and countersigned.
  • Handles international money transfers in the same way that Western Union does.
  • Ensures that accounts are opened correctly and that all necessary information is entered into the system.

Qualifications required:

A bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, banking and finance, management, economics, or a related field is required.

Work History:

One (1) year of experience as a Customer Service Officer in a banking operation

Customer Service Officer-I Application Form For Hermata Branch

Branch Manager-I for the Mekoy Branch

Position Description

Plans, organises, directs, and controls the banking activities of the assigned branch through subordinate supervisors.

Prepares and submits budgets and annual work plans for annual approval, and then implements them once approved.

Ensures that established operating policies and procedures for accepting deposits, making loans, providing safekeeping facilities, and receiving and paying out cash are followed.

Qualifications required:

A bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, banking and finance, management, economics, or a related field is required.

Work History:

Six (6) years of banking experience, including two (2) years as a supervisor.

Branch Manager-I Application Form For Mekoy Branch

The deadline is September 17, 2023.

Interested and qualified candidates are encouraged to apply using the Link Application Form found under each position.

Only candidates who are highly qualified and have been short-listed will be contacted.

Any physical application request will be refused.


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