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Kurmuk Gold Mine Plc (KGM) is a division of Allied Gold Corp, a multinational corporation with offices in Perth, Australia, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Allied Gold Corp has various mine projects in Ethiopia, Cote d’Ivoire, and Mali. With three consecutive exploration licences and a large-scale gold mining licence, KGM is an Ethiopian project. The locations of all licences are in Benishangul Gumuze Regional State’s western region, roughly 750 kilometres from Addis Ababa and 90 kilometres to the northwest of Assosa town.


KGM has been conducting all of the exploration and mining operations with the assistance of local professional support staff and international consultants. More than 200 Ethiopians now have jobs thanks to the company, and 1,500 more are anticipated to be employed when the mining operations are built and run.



Summary of Senior Laboratory Technician (Construction)

For the upcoming position announcement, KGM would like to extend an invitation to capable, motivated, and qualified candidates.


Principal obligations and roles


In order to maintain the quality of work, earthwork activity is inspected in accordance with design data, working drawings, material production, contractor workmanship, and working methods.

Testing and sampling building supplies like concrete, aggregate, base course and subbase

strictly adhering to and reducing the project’s environmental impact when organising, establishing, and carrying out controlled trials and experiments

capturing and evaluating data


  • Manage the material lab testing for Construction Work packages overall.
  • Establish procedures for material testing and help with the test formats and quality control test procedures that the project requires.
  • will be in charge of confirming and approving the reports from the quality control tests.
  • Be in charge of confirming and approving the material test certificates.
  • Support designs, technical standards, and specifications with technical expertise.
  • Conduct a test check on samples of building materials.

Indicate which quality control tests and assurance plans are being carried out in each package, and keep an eye on them.

All tests (such as the Marshall test, the tensile strength test, the mix designs and trial mixes, the asphalt tests, the Proctor test, the CBR, the field density, the lump test, the compression test, the liquid limit/plastic limit, the sieve analysis (fine and course), and the CBR) should be understood.

Collaborate closely with QA/QC, General Work Inspector Engineers


Work Experience: five years of specialised experience in the same role or a similar one, and seven years of general experience; Experience with road projects is beneficial.


Terms of Employment: Following a probationary period, permanent.


Workplace Prerequisites


  • a diploma in civil engineering or a similar discipline
  • understanding of environmental laws, workplace safety, personnel management, and the principles, practices, and methods of construction, soil, and water engineering;
  • proficient communication abilities both in writing and speech;
  • fundamental knowledge of computers and networking, especially with Microsoft Office;
  • adaptability and the capacity to function well in a hectic setting;
  • the ability to manage tasks and construction projects concurrently;
  • outstanding capacity for teamwork and organisation.
  • Summary of a Clinical Laboratory Technician


For the upcoming position announcement, KGM would like to extend an invitation to capable, motivated, and qualified candidates.


Principal obligations and roles


  • When required, gathering, receiving, labelling, and/or analysing samples or substances with the appropriate testing apparatus
  • adept at diagnosing tropical diseases and other common illnesses in the area in a lab
  • educating patients about test procedures
  • creating and carrying out laboratory tests in accordance with accepted testing practices, keeping track of observations, and analysing results.
  • Lab equipment has to be maintained, calibrated, cleaned, and sterilised.
  • placing orders for lab supplies as needed.
  • supplying technical assistance as needed.
  • keeping abreast of pertinent advances in science and technology.
  • establishing standard operating procedures, calibrating apparatus, and figuring out accurate test reference ranges.
  • executing multiple tests at once using computerised lab instruments and automated equipment.
  • submitting statistical reports to supervisors and maintaining precise records of laboratory tests and results.

taking part in training sessions or refresher courses

Carry out any additional responsibilities that the supervisor may assign you.

Duty Station: Fly In/Fly Out roster (6/2 weeks) Benshangul Gumuz, Asosa Zone, Kurmuk Woreda Project Site


Workplace Prerequisites


Qualifications and Conditions

To work as a laboratory technician in Ethiopia, one must hold a valid licence and a diploma or bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory technology.

At least three years of equivalent experience working in international organisations, non-governmental organisations, or busy medical or laboratory settings that assist refugees.

  • valid licence for laboratory technicians.
  • demonstrated background as a lab technician.
  • Practical experience using both electrical and non-electric lab apparatus.
  • at ease working with potentially hazardous materials (biohazards, flammable liquids, etc.)
  • thorough understanding of laboratory best practices, preventative measures, and QHSE management systems.
  • working familiarity with databases and the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • the capacity to operate independently and under pressure.
  • outstanding command of the English and Amharic languages in both writing and speaking
  • sharp focus on details.

analytical abilities.



Work Experience: three or more years of experience in a similar role.


Terms of Employment: Following a probationary period, permanent.


Office Manager Synopsis


For the upcoming position announcement, KGM would like to extend an invitation to capable, motivated, and qualified candidates.


Principal obligations and roles


  • managing databases and planning meetings.
  • arranging for travel and lodging
  • Plan and arrange appointments and meetings.
  • arranging conferences and events for the company.
  • Arrange the processes and activities of the office.
  • Maintain contact with suppliers, contractors, and landlords, making sure that all bills are sent out and paid on schedule.
  • Oversee contract and pricing discussions with office suppliers, service providers, and landlords.
  • Offer guests general assistance.
  • In charge of putting together PowerPoint slides and giving talks.
  • Oversee the appointments, calendars, and schedules of executives.
  • In charge of overseeing office services, including organising and monitoring office operations and procedures, controlling correspondence, designing filing systems, reviewing and approving supply requests, and assigning and supervising clerical tasks.
  • In charge of creating and carrying out office policies by establishing guidelines and standards to direct daily operations in coordination with the HR department
  • Give subordinates assignments and tasks, then keep an eye on their progress.
  • Assign and oversee secretarial, administrative, and clerical duties and tasks to office employees.
  • Review and analyse special projects and ensure that management is informed as needed.
  • By participating in educational workshops, becoming a member of professional associations, networking with other professionals, and reading trade publications, you can stay current on technical and professional knowledge.


Engage in active participation in the organisation and management of company events.


Carry out any additional responsibilities that the supervisor may assign you.


Workplace Prerequisites




MA or BA a degree in management or a similar discipline


  • a track record of success as an administrative assistant or office manager
  • Proficiency in Office Administrator duties, protocols, and technologies
  • proficiency with Microsoft Office, especially with Excel and Outlook
  • Excellent multitasking and prioritisation abilities as well as time management skills.
  • both dexterity and aptitude for solving problems.
  • exceptional communication skills both in writing and speaking
  • Excellent planning and organising abilities in a hectic setting; a creative mind capable of making suggestions for enhancements.

How to Apply


Candidates who meet the requirements should send their resume, cover letter, and other pertinent files to via email.


Applications from female candidates are highly encouraged.


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