Shabelle Bank Job Vacancy 2023


Ethiopia: Dabofayed and Jirrie Water Supply Project in the Somali Regional StateThe goal of this project is to provide the 12,700 residents of Dabofayed and Jirrie villages—as well as the 23,000 who are expected to live there in 15 years—with improved access to clean, sufficient drinking water. Using the Wabi-shabelle (Shabelle) River as a source of water, two Slow Sand Filtration (SSF) water delivery systems were created and began offering the villages clean water, exceeding the 25 litres per capita per day within a kilometre.The lives of the residents of these two villages have been dramatically improved by the project, which was finished in July 2019. Historically, women and children would go up to three kilometres each way and spend 45 to 90 minutes a day gathering dirty water from the very murky Shabelle River. Attacks by crocodiles on the riverbank were also frequent, with an average of three to four fatalities per year. The usage of unclean river water contributed to the widespread prevalence of waterborne illnesses including diarrhoea.Things have changed as a result of our water project. Every woman and female child may free up 540 hours a year by using the clean water supply from the community water stations in the communities instead of spending that time travelling to gather water. Water use per person has exceeded the previously reported national average. The frequency of waterborne illnesses has decreased, lives have been spared, and injuries from crocodile attacks have been avoided.

Reorganised from several institutes of health under one roof, the College of Health Sciences (CHS) of Addis Ababa University (AAU) is a professional health sciences college founded in 2009–2010. Four schools and one teaching hospital make up the CHS. The School of Medicine (SoM), School of Pharmacy (SoP), School of Public Health (SPH), and School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS) are the four institutions. Professional training in nursing, midwifery, and medical laboratory technology is provided by the SAHS. In order to maximise human resource utilisation through collaborative planning for teaching common courses and research, to standardise curricula across disciplines, to set standards and quality checks for the teaching-learning process, to maximise opportunities for collaborative research and publication, to maximise shared use of facilities for effectiveness and efficiency in teaching-learning, research, and services, and to create opportunities to address community health needs in an integrated manner as a health team, the CHS was established.


With the exception of the School of Public Health, which only provides postgraduate degrees at the MSc and PhD levels, all of the CHS’s schools offer professional degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels. On the other hand, the SPH is actively involved in providing undergraduate students from the other Schools in the CHS with public health courses. At present, the CHS has more than 5000 students enrolled and more than 600 staff members working full-time. Eight undergraduate and more than seventy graduate programmes are now offered by the college. The college’s teaching hospital is called Tikur Anbessa Specialised Hospital (TASH). With more than 700 beds, TASH is Ethiopia’s largest specialised hospital. It also acts as a training ground for future physicians, dentists, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, medical lab technologists, radiology technologists, and other health professionals who are tasked with addressing the nation’s and the community’s health issues.

The CHS has a distinctive role in developing highly qualified health professionals at the MSc, PhD, specialist, and subspecialty levels in accordance with the goals and objectives of AAU. This makes it possible for it to support the growth of high-quality healthcare, education, and research throughout the nation. The sole facility that offers some specialised tertiary healthcare is the CHS. Furthermore, the CHS should benefit from a considerable degree of academic and administrative autonomy under the new AAU reorganisation.

Dr. Ing. Habtamu Itefa, H.E.
Ethiopia is blessed with large rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. These hydrological borders have split the country into twelve basins. Although the nation has access to rivers and other bodies of water, it has never made full use of this resource. A country’s ability to be well-developed, wealthy, and habitable for its people is dependent on its efforts towards the development, management, and appropriate utilisation of water and other natural resources. Therefore, we must endeavour to close the gaps and overcome the obstacles that have impeded the sector in order to enable our nation to develop, manage, and use water and other natural resources effectively and efficiently.

Shabelle Bank Job Vacancy 2023

Shabelle Bank - Shabelle Bank

Shabelle Bank Position Open to New Graduates
For the upcoming banking job position, Shabelle Bank is accepting applications from new and qualified candidates.

Shabelle Bank is a fully licensed commercial bank in Ethiopia that operates exclusively by Islamic banking laws and refrains from engaging in any interest-based business dealings.

Shabelle Bank Job Opening 2023 – Outside:

First Post: Trainee Banker

Requirements: · Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Management, Banking and Finance, Accounting, or any similar discipline.

Experience: not applicable for recent graduates

The goal of the job is to increase customer satisfaction by attending to customers’ needs, cross-selling the Bank’s products, and providing them with effective and high-quality service. It also aims to support the Branch’s resource mobilization effort.

Principal Tasks and Accountabilities

  • pays cash for all transactions up to the amount specified.
  • Treat patrons at the counter with appropriate etiquette.
  • Handle the opening of customer accounts and carry out cross-selling of bank products.
  • Scan the signatures and photos of clients and authorized employees.
  • Acquire cash from all kinds of branch transactions.
  • Post all kinds of commercial exchanges.
  • Prepare the instrument and tickets in cash and non-cash.
  • Clearance of negotiable instruments in process.
  • Cash should be delivered to and collected from the “Till” Administrator.
  • After completing the necessary identity checks, posting the transaction, and receiving the cash from customers.

Location: Various Locations: Birkod, Daror, Gashamo, Dhobaweyn, Hamaro, Salahad & Duhun Branch, Somali; Hartasheik, Kalafo and Addis Ababa, Somali

Junior Customer Relations Representatives/External

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Management, Economics, Accounting, or a related field.

Experience: One year of prior experience

Work Goal:

To maximize efficiency and provide customers with appropriate care while promoting the Branch’s resource mobilization initiative by cross-selling Bank products to increase customer satisfaction. Attend to clients and give them effective, high-quality service.

Place: Somalia’s Elweyne, Shilabo, Marsin, Bokh, Dhobaweyn, and Danan Branches

Third Position: Cashier

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Management, Banking and Finance, Accounting and Finance, or any related discipline.

Experience: At least three years of branch operation experience in the banking sector, with at least one year spent working as a cashier.

Location: Awade oromia, Babali, Gode, Somali.

Income: Shabelle Bank Scale Pay + Alluring Benefits Package

Last day: November 30, 2023

How to Apply: Those who fulfill the above requirements should use the following link to submit their brief resumes, which should be written in English and no more than three pages. They must be saved in PDF format and include the contact information for three professional references, both phone and email.

Apply Here
NB: At all times during the selection process, only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted. Applications in hard copy or person won’t be accepted.

The advertised post may be canceled by the Bank.
It is strongly encouraged for women to apply.


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